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One half of knowing what you want is knowing what you must give up to get it. ~ Sydney Howard ~

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D • A • C • I • P

Be mindful, aware of the context and applying the power of now!

DACIP is an abbreviation identifying essential “problem-solving-strategic-steps” that are effective in the majority of instances when implementing the ADKAR-change model or being confronted with a variety of obstacles and challenges…

  1. D = Define the obstacle. Einstein is often quoted as having said that when he had one hour to save the world, he would spend fifty-five minutes defining the problem and only five minutes finding the solution. This quote does illustrate a very important aspect… Before jumping right into solving any thing, we should take a step back and invest both our time and efforts to better our understanding  of the challenge we are confronted with.
  2. A = Alternatives and possibilities. When making any any decision, consider at all possible options. Ask yourself… “Are there any other ways I can solve this problem? Ways that I haven't thought of yet?”. Obtaining additional/other views, ideas, opinions, guidance, advice and assistance at this stage, is strongly advised.
  3. C = Consequences, both the productive (i.e. possible gains) and unproductive (i.e. possible losses) consequences should be taken into account, before finalizing options. Once you have narrowed down choices and/or options to those that seems the best, most feasible and effective, weigh and compare the pro's and con's of each opportunity under consideration.
  4. I = Information, data, understanding and knowledge. Search and collect information about the context of each option/opportunity that are under serious consideration.
  5. P = Plans and strategies. Make detailed plans for taking ACTion, finalize your mission statement accordingly and create contingency action plans, should one of the unproductive consequences - that has been identified under “C - consequences above” - actually surface. Thus, accommodate LAB-factors as best as possible.

DACIP is a key 5-step preparation process that goes hand-in-hand with critical questioning, thinking and accompanied by a results mentality, which might or might not promote pro-activity in the choices we take and decisions we made.

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