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Approved 12 February, 2022 @ 9:52pm by Jan Viljoen (version: 4)

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CPD is an abbreviation standing for a Continuing Professional Development strategy - sourcing from an accountable personal LDP, the result of a responsible SWOT-analysis - allowing each individual  to accept the responsibility to personally compile, initiate, track and monitor various learning activities that they were involved with (i.e. the past), are presently involved in (i.e. the present) and plan to become involved with (i.e. the future).

CPD monitoring and tracking should be done for every possible learning opportunity conceivable. Thus, tracking CPD-activities, actions and the strategy followed, ain't limited to certain “importanteducational eventsplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigSuch as matric and the acquisition of degrees, diplomas and/or various certificates. only. All CPD-instances  should be monitored, tracked and recorded for personal professional development purposes. For example, describe the…

  • Learning Objective: Understanding how to successfully manage our locus of control and exercise self-discipline accordingly.
  • Development and Growth Needs: To efficiently master our feelings of helplessness, frustration and victimization as often experienced.
  • Type of Activity: Indicate whether a course, certificate, diploma, degree, reading selected articles, seminar, workshop or coaching will be used to obtain objectives and achieve our goals productively.
  • Activity Planned: A brief description and indication of the actual learning or mastering actions which WILL be conducted, such as critically asking, digesting and answering questions about my current belief system, for instance.
  • Planned Date: Intended date of commencement.
  • Start Date: Actual date of implementation.
  • Due Date: Expected date for completion.
  • End Date: Actual date of completion - i.e. “when is objective obtained”.
  • Status: Present status of learning action as either… Not Started, In process or Objective Met.
  • Time Spend: The difference between the start and end date.

CPD-tracking - for best results - should always be integrated with a personal PLP to “track in tandem” one's overall learning progress (CPD) as obtained, achieved or mastered by participating in contextualize, specific selected and customized learning activities.

Furthermore, CPD-tracking and feedback's will allow for the realistic monitoring, evaluation and SMART correction, if and when necessary, in context. Providing that our CPD is actually acted on or put into motion immediately (i.e. DOING IT NOW!).

The above indicated the “place” and “value” of a personal CPD. But, a personal CPD - as a matter of fact - is much more than that. An individualized CPD should be compiled - in conjunction with a personal LDP and SWOT-analysis - concerning the following…

Life areas to manage (i.e. identified KPA's & KRA's) and areas of focus or concern indicated as…

  • unproductive actions and behaviors that require attention.
  • skills, abilities and competencies to tweak, address or master to establish and develop specialist knowledge.
  • feelings and emotions which should be identified as either nourishing and/or toxic triggers.
  • dogmatic beliefs, perceptions and mind-set that we need to deal with.
  • check action models and unconscious motives for reality and context.

Determine threatening derailing factors by identifying the key domino effects responsible for current stuckness. Explore and describe the identified domino effect in terms of the “problem matrix” as follows…

  • feelings and/or emotions involved.
  • prevailing thought patterns.
  • accompanied behavior and actions (i.e. reactions).
  • skills lacking to efficiently deal with identified derailments.
  • possible influences or impact of unconscious factors (i.e. the functionality of your current environmental noise filter).

Applying identified Life GOALS (i.e. LDP) and setting specific CPD OBJECTIVES that is transformed into a reliable PLP, will eventually culminate in sought after specialist knowledge manifesting as a dream career which is characterized by ongoing personal development and growth.

Important to realize…

Compiling and maintaining a CPD is an ongoing reviewing and accelerated learning process that requires frequent   revisions, updates and tweaking as we develop skills, master competencies, grow as a person and excel professionally (i.e. self-actualize) by focusing on the following…

Reflect on past experiences

Change, adapt or reaffirm your career vision

Setting and tweaking goals and objectives

Devise a plan

Identify possible resources and support needed

Strategy to maintain focus

Planning for consistency

Recruit an accountability buddy

Incorporate positivity and motivating strategies

Build, establish and/or expand your professional network