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L • D • P


LDP is the abbreviation of our personal Life Development Plan, which is the essential initial or commencing step, to follow a content Oryx-way of life. Without a reliable and accountable LDP in place for our lives - which accommodates and covers all - stages of our life's, we - unfortunately - are destined to follow a dissatisfied Wild Horse-way of life.

Energize and focus yourself by reaching for the stars…. What is preventing you? You can change your “stars”… all you need is a focused and intentional LDP!

Every human, regardless culture, language, age or gender (i.e. the sameness dimension) has certain expectations of and what s/he would like to achieve during his/her time of existence on this planet (i.e. his/her destiny). Thus, our LDP is an essential mechanism to direct and steer us towards what we would like to achieve and/or become in life (i.e. our vision statement).

When we purposefully and strategically implementing our LDP, we regain control and are able to take the reins of our thoughts, actions and behaviors to - eventually - enable ourselves to self-direct our own path in life in a much SMARTER manner.

However, when we attempt to compile a reliable LDP that doesn't originate from an authentic SWOT-analysis, it merely becomes “wishful thinking” or an “ever fading new year's resolution”.

Sadly though, many people tend to cling to and entertain an irrational belief that…

  • an “overnight” success without hard work is possible.
  • some kind of “quick fix” or “one-size-fits-all” solution will end the many stresses and frustrations encountered daily.
  • some expert, specialist or guru has the true and real answer to become a success and break life's current cycle of misery.
  • obtaining a particular kind of qualification or following a specific process, will guarantee success and you no longer need to learn, develop and grow.
  • failing to achieve your future expectations, can be attributed mainly to someone else, circumstances, series of events and even divine interference.
  • the only thing that really matters are to dream “BIG” and to always think positively (i.e. following a blissful life filled only with joy-joy thoughts).

By following the above beliefs unconditionally, people are literally setting themselves on and sustaining a path in life, that is littered with stress, cluttered with many frustrations and plenty of personal disappointments and misery.

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