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L • S • D

On the one hand, when there is love… the necessary security will manifest and providing security, requires discipline. On the other, the presence of security and discipline… actively promotes the experience of authentic love.

LSD is an abbreviation for the following productive interaction principles, applicable for most relationships, especially with regards to parenting and educating children…

  • Love (the unconditional compassionate acceptance of individuality, uniqueness and diversity - loving someone for who and what s/he is - mainly derived from “love they neighbour as you would love thyself”),
  • Security (a guarantee that a promise or an obligation will be met, protection from wilful harm or injury and a climate free from anxiety or fear) and
  • Discipline (guidance or teach by example, instruction and practice to strengthen self-control, rules of conduct and to accommodate differences by mainly focusing on similarities).

All healthy personal, professional, educational and/or training interactions - regardless the context - essentially depends on the symbiotic synchronized presence of the L↔S↔D-principles for its success. NOT to punish in order to gain control or enforce obedience (the power of brutality), BUT to compassionately guide and assist (powers of reason & sacrifice) to embrace the future and to develop, enhance or expand personal resources.

The LSD fundamentals is so obvious and effective that we - in general - tend to “ignore” and only focus on it when certain educational issues arise. The essence of LSD is that it is essentially preventative in nature. When an education situation and/or circumstances are threatened by a variety of obstacles, and if a healthy and balanced LSD is not already in place, things often become quite complicatedplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigA term often used when we have NO IDEA whatsoever what we are up against, confronted with, what we are dealing with or where to start. A term that implies leaving the issue alone, and maybe - in good time - the issue will either spontaneously dissolve or disappear all by itself... Yeah right, what are the chances for that to happen! and much more difficult to resolve and restore equilibrium once again.

Watch the movie "Miracle Worker" which provides an excellent illustration of how the LSD principle manifests during an educational situation by highlighting the failures of LSD-enablers (the parents) and the successes of LSD-facilitators (Anne Sullivan).

Please take note of:
The elaborative reminiscing principle which involves open, enriched and responsive conversations with children of all ages about shared experiences of daily events, and by sharing such experiences with your children helps their wellbeing and transition into adulthood!

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