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P • V • C

Perspective… our outlook on and personal truths in life.

Although the abbreviation PVC by implication implies the durable and robustplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigRobust Clarified

The term implies that there are sufficient resources to an individual's disposal, allowing him/her to successfully address and overcome the many challenges that s/he is facing daily, particularly future shock confrontations.

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In essence, is evolving and preparing to create establish and sustain one's own future by dealing efficiently with
characteristics of Polyvinyl Chloride, within the AltanaESP Network and System context, PVC is an abbreviation used to indicate the process off…

For a successful PVC1) outcome or result - which can eventually be successfully internalized - in terms of what is effective, efficient and productive the following should always be at the very center of any PVC-effort…

It is only short-lived and of no long-term significance to merely change an undesirable habit, unless accompanied by an attitude change and… an attitude change is only possible once the sourcing beliefs are changed, tweaked or adapted accordingly. Thus, in essence, any PVC-practice is dealing with disproportionate beliefs.

Some Examples…

Approaching an obstacle from two different angles, usually gives rise to a interpretation difference on how to correctly deal with the issue.

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Take care to extrapolate your specific segmented understanding of the “whole truth” to be the only truth that can possibly exists.

Reality is not always what we “see”, it can be quite different from what we actually perceive.

Same situation and circumstances, but the context and view of each one are different and give rise to plenty of misunderstandings.

The concept of perspective is used to indicate the a way in which we - as unique individuals - regard events, situations, circumstances, facts, realities, views, ideas, …etc. and judge their current and relative importance to us. Essential to a healthy and balanced perspective in life, is the ability to… compare and think critically. Obtaining perspective, implies that we establish or maintain the appropriate, form an accurate point of view and the ability to see things for what they really are (i.e. the truth). In this sense, perspective and umwelt can be regarded as synonyms, which both feed our GPSplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigG • P • S

A much diluted and illustrative representation of the actual Human System of Life.

In general terms the abbreviation stands for the Global Positioning Satellite system that we use to “pin point” our geographical position on this planet of ours. However, melancholycountless forceshappiness
in symbiosis with our ENFplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigEnvironmental Noise Filter

Our environmental noise filter is our “external stimuli filtering layer” just before data “enters” our conscious level of awareness, which can also be termed as the awareness level of pre-consciousness and initiator of . Our environmental noise filter - danger
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