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Adversity introduces a man to himself. ~ Albert Einstein ~

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Approved 24 August, 2021 @ 5:17am by Jan Viljoen (version: 2)


Through observing, collecting & digesting information, reflecting and pondering life… an Alchemist can turn a seemingly devastating event around into something victorious!

An alchemist is competent to bring about positive changes in life. There is the capability to create chaos from order and re-institute order to bring about a more enhanced/efficient level of beingness and awareness. An alchemist turn “lead” into “gold” (i.e. defeat into victory) by means of applying his/her powers of reflection to initiate, establish and unlock a series of frequent occurring aha-erlebnis moments to eventually bring about a liberating BIG squeeze. Thus, an alchemist makes the best of any situation - no matter how devastating it might seems to be at first - and has the ability to respond, rather than react to changes in life conditions, events, circumstances and the environment.

An Alchemist attitude or inclination includes an awareness of possible blind spots in life and the willingness to accommodate and deal with it appropriately… NOW!

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