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Change Saboteur

Change Saboteurs make use of various halting reactions as “legitimate” ways (i.e. reasons and justifications) to halt, derail or deviate initiatives by others to bring about change, implement a solution for a problem, address an issue or wicked challenge experienced that might prevent a possible looming crisis in future. So halting responses are an attempt to keep an existing comfort zone intact for as long as possible, despite emerging evidence to the contrary.

There are as many halting reactions, as there are people on this planet. To even try and list a few popular halting reactions is already quite a daunting task because people are sophisticated in developing or formulating new and “justified” halting reactions to avoid rocking comfort zones. Therefore, only the most popular and most frequently used halting reactions are listed below…

  • I have already tried everything, but nothing seems to be working, this effort will probably fail as well.
  • We already tried something similar and the results were quite disappointing.
  • The eventual result will not justify the cost, time and effort it would take to make things work.
  • To be quite honest, it isn't our responsibility, pass it on to finance, I'm sure they can deal with it more effectively.
  • Don't be ridiculous, the situation is far more complicated than what it may seem to you.
  • This will bring about a radical change and I doubtplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigDoubt

    inner criticplenty of noisethinkingawarenesscontextmindfulnesscognitive dissonancesbenefitsnowmoment

    There are two-sides to the coin... self- & idea-, the one side - by default - often is toxic, the other side - when handled correctly - is nourishing.


    * self-doubt is BAD * idea-doubt is GOOD

    it is imperative to obtain balance in this regard to restore a healthy
    whether the people are ready for it.
  • We haven't got time now, keep it on ice and we look into it when things quiet down a bit.
  • Wonderful idea, put it in writing and I will see to it that management gets it
  • You know back in my days, young people weren't allowed to…
  • This idea will render equipment already bought and paid for absolute and useless.
  • Actually we are too small and insignificant to even attempt such an ambitious project.
  • You are still too young and inexperienced to really understand that……
  • You do not fully grasp the intricacies of modern technology.
  • It's never been done before.
  • Let's be realistic, where will the required time, needed manpower and finances come from.
  • This isn't our problem, let HR deal with it.
  • Things are still running smoothly and works well, why do you want to change it now?
  • If it isn't broken, why fix it.
  • You are at least 10 years ahead of your time!
  • The people are not ready for it yet.
  • We didn't budget for it, perhaps next year.
  • Head office will never allow it.
  • What if the idea backfires, it will make us look like complete fools.
  • We managed quite well up to now, let's wait for a more convenient time to implement your ideas.
  • Lets call a meeting to discuss details and possible implications.
  • Lets form a committee to research and look into the matter.
  • Let's conduct more investigations, before we take any hasty decisions.
  • Let us wait with implementation till the timing is right for it.
  • Did someone else already tried it?
  • It will not work in our circumstances.
  • We are swamped with work, and barely have the time to deal with important issues. When will we find the time to deal with this?
  • This is a foreign idea and would never work in our situation.
  • It's just the way things are.

People are amazingly innovative and creative when it comes to developing halting reactions and in doing so, maintain the existence of a problem or issue (i.e. enablers and wild horse attitude). But sadly, they often fail to realize and understand that redirecting all that halting reaction energies and ideas towards addressing and solving obstacles, could yield amazing and exponential results (i.e.facilitators and oryx attitude).

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