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You have to expect things of yourself before you can do them. ~ Michael Jordan ~

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Our inner critic is generating plenty of noise that effectively prevents thinking, stuff-up awareness, annihilate context, throws mindfulness out the window and fuel cognitive dissonances! Therefore, the many benefits of the now and the moment flies out the back door!

There are two-sides to the Doubt coin… self-Doubt & idea-Doubt, the one side - by default - often is toxic, the other side - when handled correctly - is nourishing.

Thus, from a generic point of view…

Therefore it is imperative to obtain balance in this regard to restore a healthy GPSplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigG • P • S

A much diluted and illustrative representation of the actual Human System of Life.

In general terms the abbreviation stands for the Global Positioning Satellite system that we use to “pin point” our geographical position on this planet of ours. However, melancholycountless forceshappiness

Regardless whether self- or idea Doubt or both, sustaining the Doubt cycle is mainly driven by what we expect to happen on a conscious, subconscious and unconscious level of awareness. What we need/don't need, want/don't want, normally creates the opposite conflict of the recurring cycle or repetitive pattern in which self-fulfilling prophecies flourish in the proud tradition of the Newton's Cradle Trap.

Self-Doubt - by default - impacts negatively on and destroys self-worth. However, this need not necessarily be the case, that is to say, if we are willing to listen to our inner-critic and reframe his advice so that it works to our advantage. A process that isn't as easy and simple as it is may sound.
Idea-Doubt challenge success, fuel the conative lift aspirations, support dreams and encourage preparing for specialist knowledge to reach a destiny of choice.
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