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Bring the pay-it-forward LIGHT to a compassionless, “emotionally cold”, human unfriendly and socially miserable world!

In essence ethics can be regarded as the moral principles that govern an individual, or company, or organization's behaviour, action and the conducting of activities. Both personal and professional ethics is difficult - if not impossible - to determine and prescribe as applicable to all people, all the time and under all circumstances. Mainly, because productive ethics should always be seen and understood in context, the prevailing context of moral judgments about what is right and wrong, or acceptable and not. Decisions taken by individuals or by a company - which may be made by a group of individuals - will be influenced by the culture of society and/or the company.

Therefore, the best way to indicate the purpose, meaning and importance of ethics, is to introduce and describe the ethics1) followed by the AltanaESP Network and System which is founded on the principles of…

  • FAITH …a faith in oneself, other people, human energies and the underlying goodness of man.
  • TRUST …trusting others to be as committed and dedicated as you are prepared to be yourself.
  • INTEGRITY …righteousness in all that is done, said and actions taken. Always, everywhere towards all involved.
  • RESPECT …respect for each and everyone, and valuing the unique individuality, spirit, experience, culture and contribution of each person. To draw strength from the diversities of people, while at the same time supporting personal growth and development (i.e. self-empowerment) for oneself and others.
  • TEAMWORK …teams or groups (i.e. cooperation and co-creation) are the essence of the ability to succeed in and cope with the many demands and challenges of our modern day society.
  • LOYALTY …allegiance to the good of the whole teamplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigImplying more than one person and could range from a family, the classroom to a community, nation and even all of humanity.. Requiring that we learn from one another and share our experiences, skills and resources as best we could.
  • PROFESSIONALISM …a commitment to the highest standards of professionalism, pursuing innovation, deploying our imagination, being open to new ideas and acting decisively and consistently (i.e. “walk our talk” and setting an example of gracious conduct).

Ethics that is equally applicable to and valid for all facilitators, system users, network participants, locksmiths, learners, students, adults, service providers, material providers, multi-disciplinary team members, …etc.
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