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Approved 02 February, 2020 @ 3:37pm by Jan Viljoen (version: 2)

Critical Outcomes

Critical outcomes - service objectives and characterized by careful assessment, monitoring and <ttip:correction>If and when needed or required.</ttip> - play a prominent and key role in the AltanaESP Network and System, and which is aiming at assisting, supporting and guiding <ttip:clients>Learners, students, adults, candidates, employees, employers, …etc.</ttip> to effectively utilize and apply their…

  • communication skills when implementing visual, auditive, mathematical and/or language abilities.
  • recognition skills to identify issues, difficulties, obstacles, problem with the purpose to deal with the unexpected and/or an alternative future productively and efficiently (i.e. in a SMARTER manner).
  • problem solving skills are applied in a creative and improvising manner when employing logical reasoning and critical thinking processes.
  • managerial and/or leadership skills to efficiently organize and manage various activities and take action in a responsible, accountable and systematic manner.
  • cooperation skills to productively co-create with other individuals in a team, group, department, organization and/or a community context.
  • digestive skills to proficiently collect, analyze, organize, structure and critically question, judge, evaluate or prioritize the relevancy, reliability and validity of information obtained or intended actions.
  • comprehension of science and technology when interacting with the environment and look out for the well being of others in a co-creative and harmonious manner.
  • understanding and respecting of the world, our planet and universe as a set of intricate and related dynamic systems when initiating various “survival & prospering” strategies.

The realization of the above critical outcomes should gradually manifest as intended results, when clients are exposed to a variety of learning materials and learning <ttip:formats.>For example… courses, assignments, assessments, forums, discussions, tests and the like.</ttip>

The primary objectives and goal of the AltanaESP Network and System… to evolve individuals with vision!