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Approved 08 March, 2021 @ 11:08am by Jan Viljoen (version: 9)

The Bigger Picture

When we want to grasp and understand what life is really all about, we should be able to “see” the BIGGER PICTURE or the grandiose scheme of all creation as related to the Unity Principle. This - at first glace - might seem quite confusing, but it is actually very simple and quite straightforward, as illustrated with the following example…

The Bigger picture implies to actually understand our place in the grander scheme of things.

  • A young person sees an apple seed for the first time in his/her life and s/he is not quite sure what to make of it.
  • However, one day s/he notice his/her father burying the seed in the ground.
  • Then a tree grows, which bears bright red, shiny apples.
  • From now on - when the person sees an apple seed - s/he also “sees” the apple tree concealed within the seed.
  • One day the person picks an apple from the tree… and within it s/he discovers a bunch of apple seeds.
  • Now when s/he looks at an apple seed, she could understand and perceives the tree, the apple, the new seeds and even the many future apple trees that could one day - if planted - come into being.

All this is understood in one brief moment, simply by glancing at one apple seed (i.e. grasping and understanding the bigger picture of the apple seed).

This is how wisdom - the result of accelerated learning - actually operates. Its very easy to get stuck in the pedantic details of everyday life and to miss the BIG PICTURE. On a daily basis, we perform many actions or conduct activities, without any regard to their possible future consequences. But, as an apple tree is contained in the apple seed, every effect that materialize in our current lives, has its origin in a prior action performed or activity conducted by us.

The ability to grasp the BIGGER PICTURE and wisdom raises our awareness of the long-term effects of all our actions and activities. We are able to “see” the BIG PICTURE of the many challenges that we are facing every moment of every day, allowing us to proactively respond to those challenges with the necessary poise and confidence, long before it actually can transmute into and become the foundation of chaos and many a crises on which we can only anxiously react (i.e. become panic-stricken).

In essence…

The Bigger Picture can be defined as an ever-evolving and dynamic merging aggregating spiral of ourplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigi.e an awareness of our personal history contextualised within the chronicles of the human species. past experiences, present ventures and future expectations. Thus, the bigger picture is the wisdom to understand time lines and time scales. Our own, society, the community, country, the world, …etc.