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Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced. ~ Soren Kierkegaard ~

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Life Scripts

Life Scripts are coping “programs” developed throughout our lives to assist us with overcoming the many obstacles, challenges, problems and life changes and which direct and steer our responses to - for example - uncomfortable, stressful and threatening events or circumstances. Life scripts are automated processes and characteristic action models available to us to successfully deal with a variety of situations that we may encounter each and every day, ranging from the good, and the bad, and up to the ugly.

Life scripts are proven and tested (based on our past experiences) coping mechanisms that give us the most effective response to successfully deal with adversity on a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level. Our life scripts (mainly an integrated part of our unconscious believe system), are the self-protection” filters (i.e. our environmental noise filter) through which we deal with stimuli received via our sensesplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigSenses

We often take our senses for granted and seldom - if ever - think about the tremendous impact that our senses have on our efficiency to deal with our environments (both our internal and external worlds). Our senses are the “conduit” through which we relate to and interact with our surroundings. Apart from this, our senses are also instrumental in the development of our brainbrainbrainbrainbrainbrainbrainbrainbrainbrainbrain
… before it reaches our conscious mind. Life scripts act as a protective shield - kind of firewall - allowing for an immediate response (i.e. without thinking) to protect us from danger (regardless of whether such danger is real or perceived) to prevent our conscious mind from either “slowing down” or possibly block our “self-protections” techniques.

Life scripts (also frequently referred to as cellular memory) are in direct and constant “communication” with the body (muscles) in order to achieve the fastest possible response time when required and/or needed. Thus, life scripts - when needed in the face of “danger” - hijack our energies and channel (without making conscious choices) our energies to where it is needed the most to successfully deal with the “threat”.

The majority (±80%) of our life scripts are developed and refined during the first 8 to 12 years of our life. However, a sufficient number of life scripts (largely physically in nature) are also transferred genetically (the so-called bloodlines or genetic code) from one generation to the next. There is consensus amongst most medical and psychological experts that life scripts (especially automatism) which are primarily physical in nature (e.g. heartbeat, breathing, digestion of food, …etc.) are mostly transferred genetically. A strong possibility exists that certain life scripts, which are culturally related (e.g. personality attributes such as aggression, patience, mathematical skills, interests, …etc.) are also transferred genetically. At the present moment, the latter is much disputed and for as many “experts” indicating that nurture (culture, education and training) is the main source of life scripts, there is just as many that indicate that nature (genetics) is the source of life scripts.

Nevertheless, whether nature or nurture is mainly responsible for our life scripts, ain't the real issue at hand; because we know…

  • that active life scripts do exist in the unconscious mind and are responsible for actions and behaviours which often seem beyond our immediate control (i.e. no or limited choice) and
  • that, once established (programmed or wired into our bio-energy system), it “rules” our lives and it is an awfully difficult and a tedious process (NOT impossible though) to “correct” possible “faulty programming” (i.e. the unproductive channeling of our energies)… known as sabotage programs.

Thus, what is important is the impact of life scripts and how they influence (direct and control) our responses and reactions towards life (i.e. which may either enhance or undermine our self-determination). Life scripts are more complex than automatisms. Life scripts initiate and deal with responses based on our feelings, emotions triggered, our past experiences, present encounters and future expectations… in programming terms, a lot more if and case statements are required - than the case is with automatisms - to be executed before any final action can be taken.

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