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Change your thoughts and you change your world. ~ Norman Vincent Peale ~

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Main aim is to tweak and refine our spotlight!When we wish to embark on a sound, balanced and nourishing self-empowerment and psyche management quest to establish a self-determined development and growth path in life, we need to set aside ME-time each and every day, deploying various meditation strategies and techniques to specifically contemplate - at the very least - the following…

1. Celebrating Individuality

Celebrating your individuality and uniqueness… everyday!

The one word that is used most often by most peopleplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigEspecially in cities, towns and urban areas. In other words, places where people tend to bunch together.. today, is sorry. When we accidentally touch someone or they touch us, the most popular reaction is sorry. When we do something that others do not like. Sorry. When we think that we offend somebody. Sorry. When we have an opinion, slightly different from others. Sorry again. Sorry has become the most popular word or expression used by most people. We should ask ourselves… Why should I constantly apologize to others? For the fact that…

  • the shopping mall is full of people at the end of the month?…
  • I make up my own mind?…
  • I exist?…
  • I can contribute something worthwhile?…
  • I am a unique person in my own right?…

Why do we constantly apologize to one another, just because we are different? Why do we tend to adopt an attitude of… I know I should act and think like all the people, but - you know - sometimes I cannot help to feel just a little bit different. Why do we have to continuously justify ourselves to other people?

Mainly because… we often do not feel all that special and unique. BUT… we are special… we are unique… we are created in the image of the Creator, the Divine… and it takes all kinds of people to make the world go round. When we live our lives in terms of the comparison trap, the world loses our unique and valued contribution and becomes a poorer place as a result of it. Life in general and communities - in particular - could be compared to a coral reef. There are spectacular and beautiful fish, there are less attractive fish and some functional fish. BUT, the fact remains… each fish has a particular role and purpose to fulfil, removeplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigIn a human context: Indicate actions and behaviours such as being judgemental, stereotyping individuals, categorizing people and using sweeping statements to blame or attack or degrade or bully others.. any specific fish from the coral reef equation and - as a whole - the coral reef will suffer and eventually die out. We should and must celebrate who and what we are, reconfirm that our contributionplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigNo matter how insignificant it may seem to be in the eyes of other people.. are valuable for the survival of our society, community, nation… even the human species, AND - most importantly - respect the many diversities of mankind.

We must celebrate our own uniqueness, BUT also respect the uniqueness of others.

2. Pursue Dream(s)

Act from and pursue your dream(s)… always!

Dreams, hopes and aspirations in our modern society, often has the connotation of being childish, ineffective, unrealistic and irrational. Unless it is a vision related to some “wonderful and totally amazing” business principle of astonishing discovery. On the contrary, dreams are powerful, dreams are the sparks of the Divine within all of us, dreams are our contribution to making the world a better place than it presently is. It is seldom that our dreams and hopes for the future appear in their fully mature form at once. Dreams mature and become implementable as we pursue them, tweaked by our experiences in life and the wisdom we pick up along the way. Dreams are the fuel for inspiration, and inspiration is ultimately the source and at the core of our performance. When we stop dreaming - due to the reality of everyday survival-consumerism pressures of modern life - we slowly become spiritually impoverished, gradually surrender our enlightenment to others and establish an everyday survival-existence routine, hoping in vain that things will miraculously change for the better overnightplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigE.g. winning the lotto, getting a new government, moving to another country, divorce hassles experienced, changing jobs, buying an expensive car, purchasing a larger house, bungee jumping, ...etc. .

Dreams provide us with hope, aspiration and a realization that… things could be different… that things could be better.

3. Choices Create Opportunities

Regard your current choices as creating new future opportunities, and not as a possible dead-end or crossroads in life!

We often perceive choices as a possible dead-end, T-junction or a crossroads event. We regard choices, when not taken “correctly” …instantly, as something that will be to our disadvantage. We are beating ourselves up to always - in and under all circumstances - take the right decision. Why? Because… we want things to change suddenly, mostly for the better, to avoid regrets, side-step guilt, escape negative consequences that often result in actions out of character and situational context. However - we must remember that patience is a virtue and no plant will grow any faster when we start pulling on its leaves. We should nourish our dreams (i.e. passions) and …one day… it will bloom!

When we find circumstances undesirable, for example: Most of usplugin-autotooltip__smallLaw obeying citizens, that is! , do find the crime and corruption in our country intolerable, and we want to stop it …NOW! …instead of rather creating a crime-free society over time by utilizing our combined and collective efforts in combating “the crime and corruption mindset”. We tend to address the criminal symptoms as such, falling into the incident-isolation trap and “disregard” the examples set by the “role models” of society. The choices we take today and the decisions we act on will ultimately influence our circumstances and opportunities in the future. When one choice fails to yield the expected result, it doesn't mean an incorrect choice; it merely implies that we need to reflect, learn from it, reconsider and initiate another choice. Just keep in mind that regardless of the choices that we take - both the good and the bad - that the sun will still rise in the east tomorrow, giving us a new day and plenty of opportunities to explore yet another possibility. Thus, taking a choice today does not preset our future or destiny for all of eternity.

The presence or absence of dreams merely brings us either closer to… or taking us further away from our goals and eventual destiny in life.

4. Active Strategies & Techniques

Our present self-empowerment strategies and psyche management techniques currently in progress

Self-empowerment nor psyche management should have an external focus point, and should originate from wherever we are and whomever we are within. There is no perfect setting nor opportunity for self-empowerment or psyche management. We already carry around everything we need within us. Our hopes, dreams and aspirations. Once we believe that circumstances grant us an opportunity to empower and/or manage ourselves, circumstances will start to dictate and shape our destiny… and gradually we lose the power and control to shape events for our own self-fulfilment.

Self-empowerment and psyche management stems from our inner strengths, NOT from outside “sources granting us permission to be all that we can be. The latter - generally speaking - merely gives rise to enslavement.

5. Clear the Junk

Clearing all the junk from your mind… NOW!

Junk implies unprocessed data and undigested information and materials. Junk often originates from noise, noises such as bad music, street noise, false imagery, assumptions, hypocritical perceptions or excessive cluttering of the mind with data. There is nothing as unsettling as a person with a full diary, running frantically from one event or appointment to another. All events and appointments should - ideally - be spaced with periods of calm, reflection and a chance to recoup on events…even if it's for only a brief period. Through self-discipline, we should establish a habit of regularly clearing the junk from our heads and prevent information from overloading our minds by periods of calm… deliberately and consciously filtering the essentials from the non-essentials, before we attend the next event or rush off to the next appointment. When we fail to do so, we lose track of our dreams, hopes and aspirations and resort to a mere fire-and-crisis fighting lifestyle.

Frequently clearing our minds from junk, restore mindfulness and allows us to sustain our clarity and focus in life and its many challenges..

6. Being Proactive

Pre-discuss and pre-plan, develop, establish and sustain a proactive, NOT reactive mindset, attitude and inclination.

People who engage in battles could either rush in and fight the first threatening thing that they come across, or they could take some time to prepare themselves (physically, mentally and spiritually) by formulating a strategic approach to counteract a possible threat. The first fighting approach is often based on fear, an urge to dominate and a conviction that winning a battle is essential and losing the battle is seriously jeopardizing our chances of survival. This results in a widely collective acceptance of a “business-fighting or competitive spirit” based on aggressive actions to maintain dominance, control, power and to manipulate others into submission and agreement. Thus, a focus on initiating and maintaining the power of brutality and a hostile reaction to a threat or perceived threat.

On the other hand, we could apply the power of silence to become focused to initiate and maintain the powers of reasoning and sacrifice. This approach is characterized by strategic positioning, preventative or proactive actions and a realization that it is not that important to win each battle, but what is essential is the lessons that we could learn from it. Thus, our focus is no longer limited to each battle alone but expanded to include the war effort as well. This allows us to deploy a variety of tactics and enable us to profit from every opportunity that presents itself, both the positive and the negative. Thus, choose your battles wisely… it is quite unwise to win a few battles, but then lose the war in the end. Sometimes a strategic retreat isn't such a bad idea. We can only live life as best we can and - while at it - also enjoy the exciting game of life.

Seize the day and enjoy the present for all it has to offer, a smile, a flower, insect, rain, a thunderstorm, a friend, the curiosity of a child, the night, sunrise, sunset, the beauty of summer, sitting in the sun on a chilly winter morning, …etc..

7. Question your Way of Life

Question your beliefs, establish personal values, set priorities and apply common sense

Attempting to live life to the fullest, without establishing values, setting priorities and focusing on that what is important or true for us - regardless of what other people may or may not think - is like an attempt to steer a ship on the stormy ocean of life, without a rudder. We will only end up drifting aimlessly on the tides, being pushed around by the wind and storms, till the fortunate (lucky) day that we reach the safety of a harbourplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigIn a "living of life" context... our destiny. , or the day that we give up the overwhelming struggle and slowly drown in a sea of emotional turmoil and despair.

Once we have established a personal philosophy of life - characterized by authentic personal values and true priorities - we can purposefully set out to gradually remove all superfluous material, aims and objectives to determine the simplest way of achieving our goals.

In the end, this is what common sense is all about, a guiding or steering rudder, a personal philosophy of life and an ability to achieve our goals in the most simple and efficient manner as possible..

8. Timing

Get the timing right!

The current general perception that timing is everything - get it wrong and we could lose a golden opportunity - are an unfortunate perception and a very delusional way of looking at dealing with obstacles. Timing could indeed be detrimental to success; but timing, without choice and wisdom of action accompanying it, could be quite devastating and also remove us worlds apart from that which we hold dear in life.

Once we created an unhealthy groove - let time determine our choices and actions - we are ruled by deadlines and milestones. For example…

  • I must be married before age 27…,
  • I must be a success before age 30…,
  • I must learn all I can before age 40…,
  • I must be a manager at the age of 45, …etc.

Got the picture… good! This “groove” could sometimes be to our advantage, particularly in a professional-business like environment, but when personal growth and development are at stake… this “groove” often results in plenty of frustrations, feelings of helplessness, becoming stuck, stressed, burnouts and we could easily end up loosing the “war” of life. Instead of placing timing first - as we often tend to do - first make an appropriate and relevant choice, determine the wisdom of actions, consider consequences and only then consider the timing for executing such an action.

Therefore, first establish the what (choice), secondly the how (action/strategy) and thirdly the when (timing). This kind of approach allows us to weigh our present opportunities and determine what will yield the best results. Why? Because the power to choose and shape our future is NOT restricted by time and space - however - a particular implemented strategy is. Maintaining this attitude will prevent us from fixating on one particular strategy or method and prevent us from treating a particular strategy or action as the end goal, instead of only being a means to an end.

Thus, timing helps, don't guarantee success, BUT planning   and preparation do!

9. Avoid Confusion

Listen to your heart, because your brain confuses you!

Attributes such as intuition, being centred, being attuned to, picking up the vibes or having a feeling for it, all are attributes perceived by our modern western-capitalistic-science oriented society as completely irrational and mostly for the emotionally weak, for the weird, the eccentric, the queer, artistic and other odd individuals in our society. When we want to get ahead and achieve greatness in life, then there is no time to be wasted on things that do not yield direct benefits for our strive for excellence. Sadly, this perception creates a snobbish intellectual-dogmatic and arrogant point of view, that all and everything in life - which is not explainable by some scientific reasoning, principle, formula, experiment or calculation - is completely worthless, unimportant and has very little benefit for mankind as a whole.

When maintaining this kind of reasoning, we tend to overanalyze situations, events and people, constantly attempting to predict what will or could happen to formulate a “foolproof” recipe for life that will ensure or guarantee our successes in future. Nowadays the majority of people are too consumed by actions to always do the right thing - at the right time and avoid mistakes at all costs - that they fail to learn from, notice and experience the real beauty of what life has to offer every one of us. We are sucked in by our efforts to explain and manipulate things, so much so that we are unable to celebrate and appreciate what is happening around us. We “forget about”, nor appreciate the normal, every day and “little” miracles that make life worth living. Things such as friendship, our family, loyalty, respect, spring, growing seedlings, soothing rain, a good night's rest, winter, autumn, health, the wonder of birth, a dog that welcomes you, …etc. We focus all our attention and energies on the “big-important-worthwhile” things, things such as qualifications, money, status, power, success, mind-blowing achievements, fame, fortune, being the best, …etc.

In our ruthless pursuit of what is “important”, we have lost the wisdom to differentiate and fail miserably to both understand and implement the principle of “changing that what can be changed, and accept or appreciate those things that cannot be changed”. As we should know by now - but fail to fully grasp it - is that we are not just a mere body and brainplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigOur Intriguing Brain!

In the 30+ odd years that I have practised as a psychologist, career- and life coach, there is one particular aspect of human behaviour that I found quite mystifying. People does dumb things (myself included), but - rather naivelyphenomenonawesomeidiotic
. As human beings we are much more than that, we are emotions, we are feeling, we dream, we hope, we love, we are spirit and we are soul, to name but a few aspects of our complex dynamic make-up as a unique person. The body and brain are only a part of us, the part that is bounded by time and space. However, our timeless mind and spirit are the aspects that direct us toward the truth and the truth shall set us free from the chains of self-enslavement. The truth - which sets us free - isn't an analytical reasoning truth (brain), in terms of what is right and what is wrong, acceptable or not (judgemental); but a truth (realization and understanding) of what and who we are, an acceptance of our unique combination of strengths and weaknesses, and an understanding of our purpose, meaning and contributions to life (i.e. a compassionate heart).

In essence: Avoid trying to be clever, rather strive to be enlightened!

10. Patience is a Virtue

Please do not expect immediate results and miracles!

We only have to take note of events occurring in nature each day to realize that things take time to develop and mature. The same with our dreams and aspirations. We do not sow a crop, with the expectation to immediately reap the crop the next day! Why then, do we maintain such an impatient attitude toward our dreams and aspirations? Please, do not attempt to cheat time. The time we spend preparing is the most enriching and maturing time of our lives. The time we spend preparing, allow us to learn, explore, experiment and master the necessary skills and competencies through the gaining of all kinds of experiences. Thus, when we are in a hurry, impatient and feel that the world is crumbling around us, just remind ourselves that - the same as in nature - nothing of real lasting value appears overnight. Remember thatplugin-autotooltip__smallWith courtesy of Cherie Cater Scott. …There” is nothing better than the “here” and now. When our “there” has become a “here”, we will simply obtain another “there” that will again look better than “here”. Therefore, what we make of our life is really up to us. We already have all the tools and resources we need. What we do with them, is our choice!

No plant will grow any faster when we start pulling on its leaves, we have to patiently nourish it over time to flower or bear fruit. When we ignore this, the chances are quite good that we will kill the chicken long before it can hatch!

Hopefully, it is evident that the above meditation guidelines do not consists so much of a list or recipe for doing things or taking specific actions, BUT an indication of beingness, being a unique individual with our own special balance and unique equilibrium between our own weaknesses and strengths.

Psyche management, self-empowerment and self-fulfilment are long term goals and a life long quest, NOT a sudden inspiration or a once off activity or action. We can formulate short term objectives and long term aspiration, BUT self-fulfilment through empowering ourselves, is a never-ending life journey or quest.

The core of meditation is the ability to initiate, maintain and exercise the power of silenceplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigSilence is Golden:

Imply that it is better to remain silent and listen, rather than to speak and create plenty of noise.
. The ability to enter periods of mental calmness and to allow ourselves to reflect devotedly on what and who we are, and NOT being distracted by unnecessary environmental noise. Unfortunately, due to the many adversities, pressures and circumstances of modern day living, it becomes increasingly difficult and requires a determined effort to exercise the power of silence. Luckily, the golden power of silence is within us all… all that we have to do, is to become aware of, mine and put it to good use.

11. Benefits

  • Prime Your Subconscious for Success: Lots of people experience a kind of invisible barrier stopping them from achieving success, i.e. it seems - despite the best of intentions - that nothing seems to work out in the end. Based on the latest research conducted in neuroscience, our subconscious beliefs play a major role in this state of affairs. At any given moment, our beliefs are either holding us back or skyrocketing our success. However, these subconscious thought patterns run on autopilot, so reprogramming beliefs can be somewhat tricky. But the good news is that meditation, in cahoots and collaboration with Me-time, allows us to directly access the subconscious mind and reprogram it with powerful beliefs. This is the fastest and most effective way to unlock our mind's true power and smash those barriers keeping us from our dream life and career!
  • Boost Our Productivity: Being consistently productive is one of the key habits of the most successful people. To be like them, we'll need the same “get stuff donemindset to achieve more and better results in our lives. Using ME-time meditation(s), we can reprogram the “someone else can do it” autopilot to “do now what needs to be done”. And, once we've flipped that switch in our head, getting tons of work done becomes seemingly effortless.
  • Develop Bulletproof Discipline: This is one of the most crucial traits that fuel the success of the world's biggest athletes, entrepreneurs and other highly accomplished people. All of them depend on their ability to keep showing up to do the work, even when they don't feel like doing it. With meditation, we can easily train our minds to crave the routine and structure that makes success possible. Many successful people will agree that self-discipline equals freedom. So it's time to free ourselves from procrastination, inaction and all the other success-killing habits that we have and still entertain!
  • Map Out a Crystal Clear Plan for Success: Many people get stuck in life, because they don't have a definite plan and strategy for getting what they desire from life. Not only is this a tremendous success blocker, but it also robs them of being content, their peace of mind and happinessplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigHappiness Can Be Learned

    A new study coordinated by the University of Trento shows the beneficial effects of an intensive program on happiness.

    The results showed that several psychological well-being measures gradually increased within participants from the beginning to the end of the course. That was especially true for life satisfaction, perceived well-being, self-awareness and brainfundamentalbrain
    . Using meditation in combination with ME-time, is an efficient way to formulate a clear and concise vision and mission statement that will guide us to achieve success …not being a rat race winner… but true and authentic success that will last for a lifetime. Once we've got a well-defined goal in place, it becomes much easier to break it down into actionable objectives. We must create milestones along the way, which gives us an empowering sense of progress. Remember, a success oriented mindset takes the mental struggle out of turning our plans and hopes into reality!
  • Develop Mental Resilience: Those individuals who only see the world for its problems, struggle to find life's hidden opportunities. That's why it's critical for our success to rewire our minds to enjoy taking on challenges. Most successful people are resilient and don't crack under pressure so easily. Instead, they've programmed themselves to thrive under adverse circumstances. With meditation, we can quickly cultivate this habit. After we've reprogrammed our mindset for success, we will be able to find the opportunity in any crisis and use it to our advantage!
  • Work With Excellence and Integrity… At All Times: The quality of someone's actions (and their behaviours) says a lot about their character. And when we hold ourselves to a higher standard, it creates a positive impact on our success and the success of those around us. With targeted ME-time meditations, we can easily program our brain to absorb an excellence-driven mindset. Not only does this create more success, but it also helps us live a life that's completely aligned with our core values!