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Just an example. Choose the ME-time that will work for you!The phrase and concept of “ME-time” is an essential aspect of life. Each one of us needs personal and private time for rejuvenation. This is not selfish, and has been proven time and time again that by first taking care of oneself, we are able to take better care of or help, assist and guide others.

Simply put… a stewardess on a plane tells the passengers when oxygen is required - during an emergency - to first give it to yourself and then to the person whom you are assisting. Such as a mother of a young child for example. This is not a selfish act, because the child needs his/her mother to be fully functional, otherwise she is of no use or any value to the child.

Therefore, purposefullyplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigIn your busy daily schedule, you must deliberately schedule ME-time. To hope that this will happen "accidentally or spontaneously" is just not realistic, you have to set yourself on fire so to speak, because no one else is going to do it on your behalf. set aside timeplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigME-time Guidelines:

It is necessary that we set aside at least about 10 minutes a day. During this time, all our attention, time and energy must be focused on grounding and balancing ourselves. It could be any time of the day, but it is necessary that you isolate yourself from others in a serene environment so that unnecessary distractions can either be limited or avoided altogether.
on a daily basis to take care of and rejuvenate ourselves. When doing so, we permit ourselves to set boundaries for others, to create and establish a healthy respect for our needs. It also teaches us patience which - in today’s rat-race driven world - too many fall short of.

In a society of instant gratification, the practice of practising patience will serve everyone well. Learning to wait for a response or holding a thought to ask a question later, is something that any one can benefit from in the rapid changing times in which we currently live.

ME-time is an investment in ourselves and our future. An extended amount of time is not really necessary; eventually a daily average of twenty to thirty minutes should be suffice, just ensure to incorporate ME-time… making it a daily habit… a way of life.

Because, ME-time - practised daily with the necessary dedication - have the following benefits …

  • Reduce stress and helps us to unwind
  • Reboot our brain and helps us to become more productive
  • Improve concentration and aid with solving problem
  • Allow time for self-discovery and deeper thinking
  • Improve our relationships
  • A better work-life balance
  • Greater overall well-being