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Sabotage Programs

Sabotage programs are “renegadelife scripts that represent a virus-like condition, where a believe system grows out of control and no longer serves the purpose of fostering or enhancing inner peace and dealing with events within context.

Sabotage programs are life scripts that were once quite useful but outlived their relevancy1). Sabotage programs can be a real menace because - although we know much better - we still believe differently and we get stuck with a repetitive pattern interwoven with irrational thoughts that are harmful to our efficiency to function in life. Another handbrake factor of sabotage programs is that despite plenty of channelled energies (mostly emotional), it brings us nowhere slowly, till someday that we finally become completely stuck2). Sabotage programs (unconsciously) blocks and/or distorts our “consciouschoices (i.e. our wilful channelling of energies) by…

  • …blocking our awareness and misdirect our focus on reality as we experience it.
  • avoiding the issue (of which suppression and denial are the most popular).
  • …forcing procrastination to do something about it… NOW! Normally it happens, because it isn't all that convenient, we would DEFINITELY do so when… the pressure is off, more time is available, when the situation is under control, when the crisis is over, when my children are all grown up, when things calm down a bit at work, …etc.
  • …instilling a delusion and illusion of acceptance. For example… do not even consider something as a problem, which is often accompanied by an attitude of “I cannot do much about it anyway”; “It is out of my hands”, “This is just how things are”, “It wasn't my fault in the first place”, “He/she/it/they are to blame”, …etc.
  • blocking and misdirect our conscious choices and actions, in favour of short term relief and gratification… despite possible long term injurious and self-destructive consequences.

And if the above isn't sufficient enough to keep us firmly stuck and derailed, sabotage programs can also start to subtly deviate any uplifting actions that we decided to take to gradually regain control over our own lives once again.

Once the guilt-shame-fear cycle get a directive control of a sabotage program, sourcing from an unbalanced ego and addictive thinking mindset, it makes life a living hell and an intimidating struggle to merely survive each and every day.

Life scripts becomes irrelevant mainly due to changes taking place around us, especially in a collective consciousness realm
Being completely stuck implies familiar situations such as menopause, mid-life crises, burnouts, nervous break downs, depression, mental meltdowns and PTSDplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder:

Individuals with PTSD experience intense, disturbing thoughts and feelings related to their experience that last long after the original "traumatic" event has ended.
(i.e. psyche wounds), if we are lucky… if not, and the self-induced stress, fears, worries and doubts - created by sabotage programs - become unbearably high, we fall ill and could die, or worse commit suicide
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