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Self-development and Growth

Self-development and growth imply or presuppose ongoing self-improvement1) as an everyday effort to try and be just a little better than the day before. This self-improvement inclination and attitude mainly source from the following cardinal virtues…


…is the capability to strategically navigate complex situations delicately in an informed, logical, rational, calm, collective, self-determined and balanced manner.

…sourcing from self-discipline, is the ability to exercise self-control, self-restraint and moderation in both our personal and professional life efficiently and successfully.

…is treating others with respect, compassion and fairness; even when they have done something wrong or treated us unfairly. And to always conduct ourselves with integrity.

…isn't just reserved for extraordinary circumstances and situations, but is required when facing daily challenges with clarity, integrity, poise and to deal with change productively.

Although the focus is self-improvement, it isn't egocentric, narcissistic and selfish actions. It - essentially - is an act of virtue, tolerance and strength of character. The willingness to focus on similarities, rather than the differences between people, isn't copped-out behaviour, because only individuals that have wisdom, temperance, justice and courage within themselves, can bring about positive change in others and make a difference in the end.

In conjunction with wisdom, temperance, justice and courage; we should also realize that everything around us operates and happens in an integrated web of cause and effect… and that all our choices, decisions and actions have consequences for others and the environment.

Although we don't always have control over the events or circumstances effecting us, we can choose to and exercise control over how we perceive, approach and/or deal with that what is happening to us.

Sustaining a harmonious self-development and growth quest in life that has real meaning, true purpose and which actually is fulfilling, isn't an easy accomplishment and there are plenty of hurdles that - if we ain't aware of them - convincingly and subtly force us to follow an “exsistence-just-to-pay-the-bills”-path in life. Therefore, the virtues of wisdom, temperance, justice and courage should be productively directed and steered by a flowing water philosophy.

Self-improvement is the result of the frequent surfacing of aha-erlebnis experiences.
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