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The implication and application of the “theoretical-match” process should be clearly understood by any personplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigI.e. clients, facilitators, coaches, teachers, parents, managers, supervisors, ...etc. making use of the different AltanaESP services, otherwise it might give rise to stereotyping, misunderstanding and result in unfounded assumptions, that eventually will ruin healthy and harmonious interactions and/or derail the balanced inner worlds   of people. The misuse of AltanaESP theory   will either derail or counteract the reliability of productive interventions and the validity of feedbacks, discussions or coaching sessions when not placed within the proper context of the individual's current situation and circumstances.

AltanaESP theory IS NOT structured and compiled to replace or substitute common senseplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigCan also be referred to and regarded as inclusive of an individual's gut feel or intuition. . Merely to encourage and enhance it by expanding awareness horizons with possible and alternative futures that can be explored, researched and reflect about.

Apply your common sense. And always verify!

One essential principle that must be realized about AltanaESP's theoretical-match reasoning and contents , is that the theory merely SUGGEST a probability presence of obstacles, barriers, traps, harmony, compatibility, balance, equilibrium and optimal self-actualizaion as statistically calculated and subsequent assessment norms to serve as an explorative point of departure and launching platform for authentic self-development and growth. The AltanaESP theoretical-match methodologyplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigThe means or procedure for doing something. Thus, a way of acting or proceeding to obtain specific results and/or achieve a particular goal. isn't a scientific verified “cast in stoneprediction, nor a sure recipe for success, nor a quick fix, nor fast-tracking and - worst of allplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigThe uncomfortable reality that the vast majority of people tend to think that assessment results is "true" information and final answers to the things that are otherwise unattainable or unknown to the individual. With such a basic mindset and starting point, assessment results can be put in the same category as the stars predict or the reading of palms. - serve as a “best all inclusive answer” for problems, issues, questions or challenges experienced.

Therefore, taking the theoretical-match methodology into account does not imply, that when we follow certain “steps” or specific “phases”, that particular “predicted” outcomes or results are guaranteed. The theory merely is an indication of probabilities, possibilities, alternatives and - at best - likelihoods or feasibility's. The theoretical-match theory and methodology merely attempt to organize and structure dynamic systems - with infinite possibilities and permutations - in a more practical and workable manner. Thus, it just ENCOURAGE a different perspective and points of view or ideas, which might - depending on the individual involved - evolve and expand his/her consciousness, are supportive to his/her common sense and that could help to guide the personal quest of individuals “seeking solutions” in more constructive and productive ways by focussingplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigTo fix (one's attention) steadily toward a central objective or goal. on guiding, assisting and encouraging individuals to ask the right questions, rather than to seek the right answers.

Why this approach?…

…because, of the freedom of choice and context! We all have the freedom to choose within the parameters of personal responsibility and group accountabilityplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigSeen as an aspect of group, society or community governance, accountability is answerability, blameworthiness, liability and the expectation of account-giving. Therefore, taking responsibility for what we do when exercising our freedoms and how well we comply with accommodating the freedoms of other people in the actions that we take. Thus, we should have appropriate measures, priorities and ethics in place to be able to demonstrate our compliance. , but simultaneously we should also realize that that no one single theory can describe, accommodate and foresee all possible choices, nor the environmental context in which decision might be taken. In essence, no theory could really deal with the possible impact of the chaos theory and outcome of the butterfly effect. Thus, the AltanaESP theoretical-match theory and assessment methodology, merely attempt to support a wise common sense, to effectively accommodate the power of now and limit the unexpected a nerve-racking impact of future shock.

In order to maintain a realistic and practical balance (i.e. equilibrium) between theory and the demands of the reality in which we find ourselves, we should remember that… every action we take - whether something simple, like brushing our teeth, or something extremely complicated, like trying to save a failing marriage - require thought, effort, time and energy! We have to choose to channel our energies towards a problem. In other words, we must DO something about it. For example… When we make a genuine effort and pay attention to a problem (e.g. learning obstacles) experienced, we WILL achieve success no matter how good or how bad the technique, method or strategy that we use. Because, a poor and flawed method, accompanied by deliberate effort, will bring success; while the best, well-researched and educational sound method - without our supportive efforts - will yield no success. In essence, it isn't the quality or science of the method or technique that brings success, but the dedication, desire, preparedness and determination of the individual to put in a real effort and take and accept the responsibility to actually do something! NOW!

What is the use of all the research done and formulating of theories, when “blood, sweat and tears(i.e a personal effort and purposefulness) actually makes the only lasting difference?

Well, …that's a very good question.

AltanaESP research (under the auspices of SASCEC) and subsequent theories are to improve productivity and support proactive thinking and actions, not replacing personal effort. When we make a personal effort (the real and only crux of the matter), why not making use of techniques, methods and tools that can assist us to think, act and behave in more efficient and productive ways?… Why walk to Durban, when we could take the train, a bus, car or even fly? Why not use techniques and methods that will get us to where we want to be… faster, more focused and with less derailments?

Therefore, the foundation of all AltanaESP's theories and hypothesis is to research and formulate individualized and customized techniques, methods and strategies that would allow any individual to self-actualize and apply his/her energies more economically and with far greater efficiency… providing that it is accompanied by the necessary common sense and wisdom!

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