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He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~

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We cannot have the one without the other!
Gains are always accompanied by some losses, and vice versa.

The consequences of our actions are the outcome, results or effects of such actions taken, that typically are - as interpreted by most people - regarded as unwelcome or unpleasant. However, this is a one-sided and narrow or limiting perspective, because consequences always are a package deal. Any activity's outcome(s), result(s) or effect(s) “consequence-package” contains both losses1) and gains2).

We all have the initial freedom to choose and decide on what we would prefer, like and/or need to do… BUT, we do not have the freedom to select and choose the consequences of our actions. Once we have taken action, we will encounter some undesirable (losses) and some desirable (gains) outcomes, results or effects. Consequences of action taken always is a two-sided coin, we cannot have the one without the other.

Therefore, the emphasis on responsible choices and accountable decisions mainly focus on and implies the consequences of our choices made or decisions taken. If we cannot deal, accept or live with the consequences of our choices made or decisions taken, we should rather refrain from making the choice or taking the decision in the first place, because we cannot select either only the gains and/or filter out and avoid the losses. We are under the false impression that we can do so… but - in reality and as a matter of fact - we cannot!

To predict, estimate or determine the consequences of our actions3) accurately… most of the time are quite difficult to do - especially during times of rapid change - and are ultimately determined by the context of the event, the dynamics of the situation or the bigger picture of circumstances, the symbiotic interactions that exist, prevailing relations and people involved.

Therefore - at the very best - we can merely estimate possible consequence probabilities.

Losses are the results, effects or outcomes that are unwelcome, undesirable, toxic and regarded by most people as punishment for actions taken (i.e. unproductive).
Gains are the results, outcomes or effects that are welcome, desirable, nourishing and regarded by the majority of people as rewards for actions taken (i.e. productive).
Actions can be regarded as the manifestation of the choices we made and/or decisions we took.
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