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We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make our world. ~ Buddha ~

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Approved 23 February, 2022 @ 7:40am by Jan Viljoen (version: 3)


As a matter of fact, our intention isn't something that we do or aim to do, INTENTION is indicative of what we are connected to or to what we relate our beingness as governed by spiritual laws.

Something that is intended; an aim or purpose which is at the very foundation of the state of our mind at the time when we carry out a particular action. It is not what we do (i.e. our actions) that is of real significance, it is the way (how) in which we do something (i.e. attitude) and why we do it (i.e. our intent). Our actions frequently are neither good/bad nor correct/incorrect. It can only be deemed as either effective/productive or ineffective/unproductive.

This may all seem a bit confusing, but the following example might clear up matters a little. No gun, nor…

  • the process of shooting,
  • the action of shooting,
  • the skill or
  • technique of shooting, …etc.

…in itself can be regarded as either right or wrong. It is how we use or the reason why we shoot with the gun - our intention for shooting - that is either beneficial to or destructive for a particular situation, event, circumstances or context.

Using a gun for self-defense is effective. Using it to either destroy or force people in a direction (thus, restricting the choices of others) is quite inefficient and pretty unwise in the long run. Thus, it isn't the “equipment” nor the “process” or “action” that is either effective or ineffective; but the effectiveness (productivity) or ineffectiveness (unproductive) is determine by our INTENT, which is the foundation of all of our choices, decisions, behaviours and actions.

As a rule1) an AltanaESP locksmith's intent are suppose to be in symbiosis with critical outcomes and intended results as fueled, directed and controlled by his/her - actually the AltanaESP collective - ethics.

Intent and Intention can be a confusing concept, because the essence and the power of intention isn't to forcefully WILL something to happen or pushing things through regardless… because - as a matter of fact - intention or intent is better describe as being connection or “plugged into” something more than the just the present time and space reality.

When locksmiths do not adhere to the AltanaESP core philosophy, it would be much appreciated if this can be reported by submitting an AltanaWatchdog ticket.
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