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Self-actualizing Derailers

Psyche uncertainty and mental confusion!

There are many things in life that can and does effect our quest to become the person that we would like to be. These effects can - roughly - be grouped as either “outer-world-hindrances” or “inner-world-derailers”.

Outer-world-hindrances - of course - are stressors or triggers beyond our control, which normally include events and things such as wars, catastrophes, the economy, environmental changes, revolutions, crime, death, poverty, …etc. These type of incidents are described as hindrances, because it hinders & complicate our self-actualization quest and are often quite difficult to deal with successfully. However - the fact of the matter is - that a self-determined individual will be “slowed-down” by outer-world-hindrances, but - eventually - will always find ways and means to deal with, overcome or work around these obstacles, without sacrificing his/her optimal self-actualizing quest  in the process. Thus, in the wise words of Bookert T. Washington… Success is to be measured not so much by the position that one has reached in life, as by the obstacles that one has overcome while trying to succeed.

Outer-world-hindrances will cause a self-determined individual to stumble, but does not easily get him/her down and out for the long count!

On the other hand, inner-world-derailers are the actual and final deathblow for any individual's self actualization quest. Fortunately though, inner-world-derailers - as opposed to outer-world-hindrances - is under our full control. As self-determined individuals, we can choose to what extent we will tolerate and allow inner-world-derailers to impact negatively on our self-actualizing quest. For this reason - our inherent freedom of choice - the AltanaESP Network of services focus essentially on addressing and dealing with inner-world-derailers, when guiding, facilitating and coaching clients to optimally optimize their potential.

Inner-world-derailers are self-determination assassins and effectively halt and efficiently annihilate any possible self-actualization attempts.

Underlying all self-actualization derailers are spiritual laws that are either unbalanced or not in equilibrium.

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