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Behavioral Barometer

Keep in mind that emotions mainly “live” in the unconscious mind, moods in the subconscious mind and feelings in the conscious mind.

The Behavioral Barometer is an assessment guiding and monitoring aid which is used in conjunction with certain kinesiology techniques and the SCIO-biofeedback device to gain access to the body's intelligence schemaplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigA emotional codification of experience that includes a particular organized way of perceiving and responding to a complex situation or set of stimuli. and use the information collected to determine an individual's level of emotional maturity and ability to productively deal and cope with everyday challenges, stresses, anxieties, wants, needs, requirements and future expectations.

Assessing an individual's level of emotional maturity is complex, difficult and nearly impossible when we don't have some kind of reliable “monitoring tool” which we can use to somehow monitorplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigMonitor

To monitor or monitoring imply observing and checking the progress standard and quality of ...something over a period of time and keeping it under systematic review through observations, checking and keeping a continuous record by deploying the monitoring cycle. monitor
possible levels of emotional maturity. There are plenty of questionnaires available, but the results aren't always as reliable as one would like them to be. The main reason is that a questionnaire mainly assesses emotions in a cognitive/conscious interpreted manner, which provides a mere indication of how a person prefers to “see” his/her level of emotional maturity. Questionnaire results - therefore - merely provide us with some vague indicators, which isn't specific enough to use for assistance, support and coaching strategies, because we would like to know the impact and influence of the individual's level of emotional maturity on his/her Energy System-Spiral (i.e. the body-mind symbiosis).

This allows for devising a healing strategy to address obstacles1) that correlate with the individuals present mindset, in which the existing level of emotional maturity seems to mostly instigate derailments (i.e. identifying the priorities of what to deal with NOW!).

The behavioral barometer mainly use a correlative and comparable scale of nourishing emotions, moods and feelings (i.e. I am…) as “corrective alternatives” to toxic emotions, moods and feelings (i.e. I feel…) experienced by the individual. The behavioural barometer is used as a guideline to…

  • identify and prioritize (i.e. diagnose) toxic emotions, moods and feelings and
  • to initiate corrective strategies and behaviours, which could transform identified toxic emotions, moods and feelings into nourishing emotions, moods and feelings.

Thus, allowing an individual to purposefully transform a victim dominated inner landscape of “I feel…” into an inner landscape, which is dominated by a survivor attitude and characterized by “I am…

Click to enlarge the imageThe ultimate aim when determining levels of emotional maturity, is to implement a self-healing behavioral cycle, that will gradually initiate - individualized and contextualized - the following “transformations” of existing action models to enhance life scripts and limit the impact of sabotage programs

  1. Solar Plexus & Throat Chakra Sphere of emotions, moods and feelings…
    • ANTAGONISM - reacting as if attacked, especially when questioned, should transform into ACCEPTING - responses of accepting the moment for what it is and depart from judging the present moment (i.e. avoid assumptions, jumping to conclusions and one-sided perceptions, also trying to keep matters within context).
    • AGITATED - become incensed when other people isn't receptive enough to your liking, should transform into WILLING - which is a willingness to become receptive (i.e. to set an example, rather than to aggressively force one's own ideas, views and morality on to other people from an inflexible and rigid point of view).
    • RESENTMENT - being hurt by the lack of interest portrayed by others and then withdraw into isolation or a voluntary “exile” from life, should transform into INTERESTED - a fascination by life despite it's many up's and down's (i.e. respect and accepting the diversity, uniqueness and rich kaleidoscope of human expressions, a realization that people think differently about the same thing, as well as the many marvels of creation).
  2. Sacral & Third Eye Chakra Sphere of emotions, moods and feelings…
    • HOSTILITY - when experiencing stress, feel trapped and avoids direct confrontations by acting out the behaviors expected - in the vain hope - to relieve psyche pressures, should transform into ENTHUSIASM - taking control of the situation and deal with the issue at hand in a spontaneous, amused and humorous manner (i.e. not pushing things in unwise directions, but also not to avoid the problem until it escalates into a crisis or hidden behind mind defenses that feed psyche wounds).
    • FEAR of LOSS - when under stress feelings of being let down develop and a constant need for reassurance is surfacing, should transform into ASSURANCE - feeling and acts motivated, assured and in control of the environment (i.e. a healthy balance between external and internal locus of control).
    • GRIEF and GUILT - when under pressure and when things fall apart, become discourage and self-punishing, should transform into EQUALITY - becoming involved and reliable to let things hum right along (i.e. accept the reality for what it is and deal with things in a holistic and systemic manner).
  3. Root & Crown Chakra Sphere of emotions, moods and feelings…
    • INDIFFERENCE - which is being extremely cynical and pessimistic when out of tune or sync with the self, others and become immobilized, should transform into ATTUNEMENT - implying to vibrate in synchronization with the actions, activities and people involved (i.e. realize the value of the power of now and an ability to deploy the squid technique to merge and not to fight, flee or hide from a challenge).
    • SEPARATION - a all or nothing position in life which leads to separation and a belief of being uncared for, lovelessness and being unlovable, should transform into ONENESS - focusing on interactions and relationship and establish feelings of a quiet peacefulness and content bliss (i.e characterized by a unity, cooperation and co-creative spirit).
    • NO-CHOICE - being a victim of circumstances and there is nothing one can do about it, should transform into CHOICE - and creating opportunities through choices where none seem to exist right now (i.e. to amplify the Oryx within all of us, which in the end will gradually “over-power” a wild horse dominated psyche).

Through emotional maturity as supported by certain “behaviors” we reclaim control of our own self-empowerment and psyche management strategies to establish and sustain real self-determination which manifest as authentic self-actualization and following a path in life based on an Oryx foundation.

Obstacles that especially give rise to contradictions experience in the form of a cognitive dissonance that frequently manifest as the Newton's cradle trap.
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