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He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche ~

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Dreams without actions leads nowhere, but actions without dreams turn into chaos and disorder!

In our present highly “developed” scientific and technological driven “westernized-capitalistic-bureaucratic and consumer-driven” civilization and culture, many people tend to frown negatively on the idea of dreaming. Dreaming is frequently regarded as a complete waste of time and a convenient way to escape the harsh truths of the “present reality”.

Granted, there is value in this point of view because dreams - when not in a synchronized-balance with the environment around us - can quite easily develop into an unhealthy defence mechanism (i.e. a mind defence), which we use to either escape, suppress or deny the reality that confronts us on a daily basis. Dreams used as defence mechanisms are not such a good idea… and, …YES, dreams then become a waste of valuable time, effort and energy. This cynical dreaming perspective is often regarded as an “adult-like”, realistic, responsible, mature and “civilized” point of view. However, it also is a very restrictive, rigid, limited and close-minded point of view that “throws out the baby with the bathwater”.

Dreams are a valuable tool or mechanism that we can employ to improve the quality of our everyday lives. Dreams allow us to progress beyond the restrictive horizons of our present reality. Dreams are a propelling force towards the future that we desire and painstakingly steer us towards our destiny (i.e. what man thinks is where man goes) and - when actively striving for a dream - it actually builds character, spirit and unleashes the full potential of the human spring to achieve those things that are seen by most people as “impossible to achieve”.

Dreams frequently commence as flights of fantasy or wishful thinking at a young age - we all have to start somewhere - and need to be directed and guided… by ourselves, not some kind of external force such as parents, society, culture, the media and advertising for example. Once we are able to authentically manage our dreams, dreams become a very powerful tool in guiding and steering us to co-create our own futures to our liking, our preferences and our desires. As a matter of fact, our dreams allow us to…

  • refine our destiny.
  • refine our vision of and mission in life, both personally and professionally.
  • become aware of future alternatives.
  • bring different possibilities to our attention.
  • prepare ourselves (holistically - body, mind and soul) to move forward, to conquer, to materialize and manifest.
  • re-establish hopes, aspirations and expectations.
  • cherish our passions, ambitions and desires in life.
  • sustain a healthy balance between courage and fear for the unknown, the unpredictable.
  • re-discover our powers of creativity and originality.
  • uncover opportunities where none seems to presently exist.

Dreams are an awesome inner power that can shape and propel our journey and life to exciting and new heights. Therefore, to truly understand the heart and mind of a person… consider not what s/he has already achieved… but what s/he dreams about and aspires to achieve!


Human dreams are a natural phenomenon and an integral part of our everyday life's (i.e. sameness dimension and human attribute). Thus… Who or what actually determines your dreams and the eventual manifestation and realization of your dreams in the end?

  • You yourself (i.e. internal Locus of Control focus) or
  • others, the people, circumstances and events that surround you (i.e. external Locus of Control focus)?

A TED talk deliver by Bel Pesce '5 Ways to kill your dreams' provide some very thought-provoking and interesting answers to the above questions.

Imagination is much more important than knowledge! ~ Albert Einstein

Dreams - within a Career & Healing Center context - isn't some lofty, far-fetch, idyllic and Utopian concept… it is a simple down to earth and practical way of living (i.e. the basis of a hacker mentality) that is actively fueling creativity, the source of improvisation and the igniting spark to address and deal with wicked challenges in a productive, practical cooperative and co-creative manner.

For many people, this is a foreign idea and quite difficult to truly understand the significance, implication and meaning of dreams for everyday life, as well as for present and future survival in an ever-changing modern world.

Attempting to fully explain the idea of dreams will only add to the future shock confusion. However, a TED-talk delivered by Marcin Jakubowski is an excellent illustrative example of the implication of dreams for everyday living, and when visiting the Open Source Ecology website might just boost your awareness of what is possible when embracing your dreams.


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