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The beauty of a living thing is not the atoms that go into it, but the way those atoms are put together. ~ Carl Sagan ~

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The Human Spring

The human spring is a comprehensive concept that refers to the various and contextual energies that propel us forwardplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigTo successfully deal with the many up's, down's, challenges and confrontations that everyday life presents to us. in life and the very foundation of our conative directeddness.

The Human Spring the most unusual, astonishing, unique and creative act of its kind in the world… almost beyond description.

Energy represent a capacity for vigorous activity. The capacity of a mental, psyche and physical energy systems to do work in harmonious synchronicity. Energy is an exertion of force, enterprising actions or ambitious drives. Thus, people are ENERGY; energy that manifest as activities, actions and behaviours… thus, a functioning, breathing, walking and operating as a unique and special human being with uncommon dreams.

What essentially drive our energies, is our intrinsic self-worth based on “The ME I REALLY AM”; our true strengths, real weaknesses, potential and unique set of experiences or history. Our self-worth “energy platform” is unique, intrinsic and should NOT be depended on external factors such as status, power, money, possessions, acknowledgement by others, …etc. When our self-worth is sourcing mainly from a variety of external factors in favour of our intrinsic sources, our energy channeling is no longer directed by a personal freedom of choice nor self-determination; BUT by other people and many factors beyond our control.

The external sourcing of our energy changelings, may not seem like such a “bad thing” at first. It may even be comforting and to our advantage in the short term. However, in the long run, we neglect our awareness of our true potential, suppress our dreams and expectations in life… and that is when we gradually loose our capacity for vigorous and energetic activity, falling into a mere day-to-day survival existence only to pay the bills and keep food on the table. In essence we reduce our magnificent selves to become wild horse slaves serving the controlling powers of this planet (i.e. merely a psychological self-steered by dogmas).

However, when our energy (i.e. the human spring) is directed and controlled by our personal choice as self-determined individuals; our choices may be influenced by external factors, but ultimately we decided how, when and where to channel our energies to overcome and successfully deal with the many adversities of life. In essence we nourish our magnificent selves to re-affirm and sustain an Oryx way of life serving the greater good (i.e. a spiritual self-steered by meaning and purpose).

We - as well as all of creation - can be described and understood within specific periods of energy flowsplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigThe most familiar, obvious and noticeable example... spring, summer, autumn and winter. and that is why we are influenced by periodic influences such as our biorhythmic and accompanied energy cycles.

Accepting the reality of our energy cycles, are somewhat similar to either accepting or rejecting the daily weather forecast. The predictability of weather forecasts cannot be proven, merely estimated. But it is quite a useful and valuable additional information source. To deliberately ignore, neglect or refuse to accept it, may prove to be disastrous in the end. Neither are we extremely concerned when the “weather forecast” is not a 100% reliable. We could end up carrying a raincoat around, when - in fact - the sun shines brightly. However, we still feel somewhat more secure in our knowledge  that we are prepared for the event of rain, and that an unexpected or unpredictable thunderstorm wouldn't catch us completely off guard. We also know that the next weather forecast is most likely to be a bit more accurate.

List of Energy Descriptors

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