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Professional Portfolio

No journeyplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigJourney is...

a proffesional branding and visibility campaign.
can be successfully completed, without taking the first step.

The journey - in this case - implies finding and securing a job as an integral part of gradually building your dream career. This career development, growth and job search journey - typically - is directed by the following 3 fundamentalplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigFundamental Principles

...~ Mark Victor Hansen.

responsibility DO SOMETHING obstaclesADKAR-change modelgrowingevolvingperson

fill empty mindsalchemizeby focussingcontextualunderstanding

Remember that patience is a virtue
that all employers wish to answer before they will consider any person for a vacancy or position that might exist within their organization…

  1. Can s/he do the job?
  2. Will s/he do the job?
  3. Will s/he fit in with the organizational culture?

The major challenge for building and growing your dream career - and securing a job while doing so - is to establish, initiate and maintain a Professional Branding Portfolio (which accurately reflecting your professional reputation and legacy) integrated with a Visibility Campaign that should - to a greater or lesser extent - proactively provide answers to the above 3 fundamental employer questions.

To do this productively, the essential FIRST STEP of any career-building quest, job search strategy and/or upward career move, is to clarify and clearly define your personal and professional goals. A crucial SECOND STEP is to demarcate and determine what you are going to do when. Thus, the flow of actions and activities needed will ultimately culminate and manifest as your dream career.

Definite and clearly defined career goals will also allow you to formulate 'Minimum Job Standards', that can serve as accountable guidelines (i.e. professional GPSplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigG • P • S

A much diluted and illustrative representation of the actual Human GPS System of Life.

In general terms the abbreviation GPS stands for the Global Positioning Satellite system that we use to “pin point” our geographical position on this planet of ours. However, melancholycountless forceshappinesshappiness
) to follow a future career and professional path in life characterized by…

  • continuous development and growth sourcing from an Oryx-inclination,
  • avoiding - or at the very least, limit - a future career path dominated by derailments and stagnation, kept in place by a Wild Horse-inclination.

The topics - listed on the right - are guidelines which you can use to responsibly merge your current career goals with your Professional Branding Portfolio in order to launch and sustain an effective Visibility Campaign.