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Consciousness Intricacy

Consciousness is a concept and term that has fascinated man for centuries. Philosophers, educators, physicians, and scientists have been working for years to explain and define the concept of consciousness. Although there are many explanations of what consciousness actually is, the descriptions are widely divergent and it is almost impossible to highlight one particular point of view and label it as valid for everyone.

Because there are so many different ideas about consciousness and consciousness is a totally unique experience for each and everyone, it would be unwise to use one specific definition of consciousness to “explain” the actions and behaviors of individuals. Therefore, different points of view and ideas are listed - in the table below - allowing everyone to research consciousness, come to his/her own understanding of consciousness and its significance for his/her life.

Collective ConsciousnessCollective Consciousness The term collective consciousness is frequently applied to identify and describe the similar dimension of human beingness. The term collective consciousness is viewed by many people as somewhat mystical, eerie, pseudoscience or a bit far fetched. futileconscience
Conscious MindConscious Mind Our conscious mind can be described as our “everyday-day-working-mind” that we use to purposefully conduct everyday tasks, do certain activities, accomplish things and deal with challenges or obstacles as is needed. Thus - for example - activities such as reasoning, reading, exploring, studying, discussing, planning, scheduling, contrary impulsesThought
ConsciousnessConsciousness A consciousness excerpt from our umwelt to handle or deal with a certain situation or event in context... NOW! Consciousness can be as the state, level and quality of our awareness or of being aware of an external object and/or something within ourselves. is everything that we expanding
Consciousness & MindsetsConsciousness & Mindsets If an opinion contrary to your own makes you angry, that is a sign that you are subconsciously aware of having no good reason for thinking and believing as you do. Bertrand Russel UnconsciousSubconsciousConscious Our current mindsetoffer
Don't take consciousness for grantedDon't take consciousness for granted After a catastrophic car accident that left him in a coma, Simon Lewis found ways to recover - physically and mentally - beyond all expectations. At a TED conference he tells how this remarkable recovery has led him to a concern over all threats to
How do we explain consciousness?How do we explain consciousness? Our consciousness is a fundamental aspect of our existence, says philosopher David Chalmers in a talk delivered at TED. “There’s nothing we know about more directly... but, at the same time it’s the most mysterious phenomenon in the universe
Power of the SubconsciousPower of the Subconscious THE AMAZING SUBCONSCIOUS MIND controlsknows the answerheal us...LISTEN! We - whether we belief it or not - are in a continuous conversation with ourselves . Our subconscious mind is constantly “talking” to us and often answering itself at the same time. We may -
Subconscious MindSubconscious Mind The subconscious mind cannot be seen as something freestanding in itself. The subconscious mind simply is the rich of many psyche processes of which we are not consciously aware at any given moment and time. The acts like a which contents passattentionintegration
The Conscious SpotlightThe Conscious Spotlight Our conscious spotlight on life is controlled and managed by our subconscious. Our conscious mind can be depicted as a “spotlight”, because our conscious mind can only deal with one aspect at any given moment and time. In other words, the conscious mind can only
The Subconscious (mind) KaleidoscopeThe Subconscious (mind) Kaleidoscope [The exciting vibrancy of our WHOLE unique beingness] Our can be depicted as vibrant a kaleidoscope because it is a dynamic and constant interaction between data, information, experiences, ideas, opinions, points of view, values, priorities, beliefs, expectations, objectives, goals, preferences, dislikes, fears, emotions, feelings,
Unconscious MindUnconscious Mind Mainly automatism that execute without us being aware of it. We can manage the unconscious mind mainly by means of subliminal messaging. There is no such thing as the unconscious... there are only experiences of which we are aware of, and others of which we are not aware
What is consciousnessWhat is consciousness Patient P.S. suffered a stroke that damaged the right side of her brain, leaving her unaware of everything on her left side. If someone threw a ball at her left side, she might duck. But she wouldn't have awareness of the ball or know why she ducked. Where does consciousness come from? Michael Graziano explores the question that has vexed scientists and philosophers for centuries.
Your brain hallucinate your conscious realityYour brain hallucinate your conscious reality Right now, billions of neurons in our brains are working together to generate a consciousness experience... and not just any conscious experience, our experience of the world around us and of ourselves within it. How does this happen?

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