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You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore. ~ Andrè Gide ~

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INNER SELF: The authentic me

The Inner Self represent who we fundamentally are on the inside. Our inner self is who we really and truly are. To know our inner self is to know our authentic purpose, values, dreams, goals, motivations and beliefs.

Not what we have been told by others, but what we have discovered for ourselves!

Consciousness Consciousness A consciousness excerpt from our umwelt to handle or deal with a certain situation or event in context... NOW! Consciousness can be as the state, level and quality of our awareness or of being aware of an external object and/or something within ourselves. is everything that we expanding
Destiny Destiny purposemeaning Destiny is a human subjective-construct that is frequently discouraging for many people, because destiny is “always in the future”, implying that we are striving for a better future... always on a quest to obtain our destiny in lifeutopian
Different Ways of Knowing Different Ways of Knowing Different Ways of Knowing start with the natural wonder of being a spiritual (soul) being, supporting others with our awareness of the enjoyment of life, and revealing to those around us, our passion for life (i.e. teach by example). Our spirituality fuels the Different Ways of Knowing and is an inquiry-based, arts-infused, interdisciplinary personal accountabilityaccountabilityresourcesCreatorfolloweradmirermany ways
Emotional Agility Emotional Agility Agility - in essence - is a rapid whole-body with a change of velocity or direction in response to a stimulus. If anything, the keywords to focus on are... “in response to a stimulus”. Therefore, agility is the ability to think, understand and/or move quickly, easily and technique
Emotional Maturity Emotional Maturity An emotional mature and self-determined individual is able to choose & decide what kind of feelings s/he prefers to experience at a particular moment! Emotional maturity - also referred to as (EQ) - essentially is the that we have to , , manage and use or apply our emotions in a healthy, balanced and constructive way to maintain a
Environmental Noise Filter Environmental Noise Filter Our environmental noise filter is our “external stimuli filtering layer” just before data “enters” our conscious level of awareness, which can also be termed as the awareness level of pre-consciousness and initiator of . Our environmental noise filter - GPSbraindangersensesbrain
G • P • S G • P • S A much diluted and illustrative representation of the actual Human GPS System of Life. In general terms the abbreviation GPS stands for the Global Positioning Satellite system that we use to “pin point” our geographical position on this planet of ours. However, melancholycountless forceshappinesshappinessfundamental
Identity Wheel Identity Wheel The self actually is a powerful force for our social wellbeing, cohesiveness and harmony. Therefore, a society, community or team operates on the basis that the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Within the AltanaESP Network & System, the Identity Wheel serves the following key purposesSelf Love & LoveINNER WORLDOUTER WORLDGPS
Mindfulness Mindfulness Within the AltanaESP context mindfulness is defined as the awareness of thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations and the surrounding environment, characterized mainly by “acceptance”... thus, being aware of, acknowledgement and paying attention to the thoughts,
Minimum Standards Minimum Standards In any event, situation, relationship or interaction there are minimum requirements or standards (i.e. principles) that we consider necessary for it - any relationship, situation or interaction - to be acceptable and . Minimum standards are different from our expected ideal or perfect circumstances, but at least they provide a sound foundation that can be applied as stabilizing parameters (
Mission Statement Mission Statement ACTION... NOW! Our mission statement is a clear indication of our fundamental purposes in life and how to achieve it. A mission statement mainly answers the question... “How to and what actions will allow me to achieve my objectives and goals?” Therefore, our mission statement fundamental
Our Belief System Our Belief System Our personal beliefs are what we deem, regard, accept or “see” as the ultimate truth in life. Just as a compass provide us with direction on land & sea, so does our beliefs provide us with directions for everyday living Our personal belief system shape
Our Values System Our Values System Our personal and/or cultural values might be an absolute or relative ethical set of values that we are devoted and committed to and which forms the very foundation of our ethical everyday actions. Our value system is a set of consistent values, priorities, good/bad parameters, crteria and measures of our daily behaviors, that is sourcing from and which are established by our culturehonouredpersonal interpretationsdoing the right thingdoing things right
Personal Responsibility Personal Responsibility responsibility for ourselves We are NOT... and I repeat... NOT responsible for the words, actions and thinking of others , we are merely accountable for other people. However... In life - as human beings - we all strive for simplicity A way of life directed by a fair and just demandethosaccountability<a name="universal"></a>directconserve
Prioritized and Establish Personal & Professional Values Prioritized and Establish Personal & Professional Values The main benefit of knowing and understanding our system of values is that we will gain tremendous clarity and focus, but ultimately, we must use this newfound clarity and to make accountable choices, take responsible decisions and to undertake committed any othercontinuumhappinessinstantlypersonal core valuespricesignificant other
Resilience Resilience ... * Having the Capacity: We can increase our resilience capacity. We can think of resilience as the amount of energy we have stored in our “inner battery”, i.e. our inner self. * Being Prepared: Having more resilience/​energy in our inner battery helps us to self‑regulate emotional actions and behavioursentityreasoningbrain
Self-Determination Self-Determination ---------- A healthy SELF-DETERMINATION provide us with a BIG HEART to live a self-reliant and fulfilling life to the fullest! (i.e. to productively deal with life's many adversities and bountiful challenges courageously!). Because we have the sureness that our can or cannotrobustown resourcespast experiencesaccountabilitydelicate balance<a name="past"></a><a name="present"></a><a name="future"></a>robustrobusthappinessaccountabilitydoing the right thingdoing things right
Self-development and Growth Self-development and Growth self-improvements Result of the frequent surfacing of experiences.++\_self-improvementattitude... WISDOMTEMPERANCEJUSTICECOURAGE ...strategically navigatedelicatelyself-determinedbalanced ...self-disciplinesuccessfully ...treating others with respectcompassion ...facing daily challengesproductively Although the focus is
Self-worth Self-worth Short and Sweet! As within... so without! Self-worth is a term reflecting our worth or value as a person, as perceived by ourselves. Whereas self-confidence is mainly derived from external feedback, self-worth - in turn - is mainly derived from internal feedback. Self-worth reflects our faith in our unique capabilities, potential and that which could be, rather than that what currently is.cornerstone institutions
The perks of being a pirate The perks of being a pirate In this deeply charming and humorous talk, DJ and self-professed pirate Tom Nash meditates on how facing adversity due to disability invited patience, ambition and pragmatism into his life in enlightening, unexpected ways.
Umwelt Umwelt We are the only one's responsible for and in control of our umwelt. Our umwelt is the foundation of our world view, the source of our personal truths, beliefs, values, norms, principles and the cumulative result of our self-actualization. The concept Umwelt represents or indicate our semiotic
Value Statement Value Statement Our value statement represent what we hold dear and our priorities in life. Our value statement describes our priorities, desires, represent our beliefs and what we regard as actually “worth fighting for”. Our value statement primarily drives our philosophy of life and determines our accountability
Vision Statement Vision Statement A vision statement can roughly be translated as “”, the “picture of our destiny”. Regardless whether our future vision is personal, career or business like in nature. Our vision statement is our inspiration, the framework and outline for all our lives