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Exploration & Discussion Topics

This is a grouping and compilation of certain questions - as learned from experience - that individuals normally ask, in the form of various topics. These topics can be used in the following ways …

  1. Individuals can explore a topic in his/her own time so that s/he can form a better and broader contextual understanding relevant to the dynamics of the question asked.
  2. When the topic has been explored - by the individual - specific concerns can be identified that could serve as a starting point for a focused and fruitful conversation or discussion to address these concerns.
  3. Facilitators can also use the various topics to introduce people to the wider scope and implication of an obstacle or problem that an individual is currently experiencing.

Topics are various matters dealt with in the material, which can be used as a starting point for productive discussions, conversations and could also serve as materials for to render assistance, guide or coach individuals.

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