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Fulfil your vision. Vision without execution is hallucination. ~ Thomas Edison ~

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Success versus Winning

Most people today consider winning as synonymous with success, which is unfortunately just an illusion. Winning in today's terms means the best, the ideal and is also the distinction between those who are successful (more wins) and unsuccessful (less wins). This is not the case, because a win only means you win the battle for now, and you are the hero for a short time. Success on the other hand, although you sometimes loses, is to eventually win the war and reap the rewards for the long haul.

In short: A win (i.e. bullshit) will get you there, but only success will keep you there (i.e. your reputation and legacy).

A Resolving Mentality A Resolving Mentality Most people are under the misconception that that obstacles or hurdles encounter, will “automatically” clearly define themselves accurately, and that it is exploring the and identifying workable solutions that should be the main focus of one's attention and mentalityfactorsefforteffort<a name="define-obstacle"></a>obstaclestraightforward<a name="new-eyes"></a>problem statementmore than one languagecurbrole modelsmentors<a name="breakdown"></a>genericgeneral<a name="amend-…
Aspiration-Performance Cycle Aspiration-Performance Cycle The Aspiration-Performance Cycle represents the confidence and manner in which we tend to approach and deal with the many challenges that we are confronted with on a daily basis. This cycle from our , draw strength from our conative, steered by our
Conative Conative Conation is a concept that stems from the Latin term conatus, meaning any natural tendency, impulse, striving or directed effort. Conative is the synchronicity and culmination of three parts of the mind and the propelling energy of our consciousness... the affective, cognitive and normative. Whereas.. the GPStruly believe inmaximumdoubt
Critical Questioning & Thinking Critical Questioning & Thinking We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make our world. ~ Buddha ~ It is not the answer that enlightens, but the question. ~ Eugene Lonesco. Critical questioning - and subsequently critical thinking
Dynamics of Success Dynamics of Success The majority of people presently have a very narrow-minded, simplistic and linear ... When I have more money and possessions then others, I am more successful than they are. But when I have less money or possessions then other people, I am less successful then they are. Therefore it stands to reason - <a name="components"></a>failureany kind
GRIT: The power of passion and perseverance GRIT: The power of passion and perseverance Leaving a high-flying job in consulting, Angela Lee Duckworth took a more demanding job... teaching math to seventh graders in a New York public school. She quickly realized that IQ wasn't the only thing separating the successful students from those who struggled. In this
People don't Change... They Evolve! People don't Change... They Evolve! We all have traits that make us unique... the ability to be innovative, detail-oriented, visionaries, task-masters, ...etc. These qualities make us successful when dealing with the many challenges of change. However, we also have unwise direction
Preparation Preparation Preparation and being prepared is more of an ART, than it is the mere mastering of skills and gaining abilities. [Preparation is all about creating a psyche and mental "toolbox" to success and learn from failures (i.e. mistakes made).] Preparations are less about technical and physical training - in the end - than it is about mental and psyche preparation. For instance... Boxing is more of a chess game, than a mere exchange of successive and rapid blows in an attempt to claim victo…
Prioritized and Establish Personal & Professional Values Prioritized and Establish Personal & Professional Values The main benefit of knowing and understanding our system of values is that we will gain tremendous clarity and focus, but ultimately, we must use this newfound clarity and to make accountable choices, take responsible decisions and to undertake committed any othercontinuumhappinessinstantlypersonal core valuespricesignificant other
Psyche Management Psyche Management Foundation for and key to Personal Self-actualization and Inner Growth obstacles that one has overcome~ Bookert T. Washington Psyche Management mainly focus on how efficiently we are able to deal or cope with our own emotions, moods and feelings to effectively deal with or handle the many up's and down's of everyday life. Psyche management - problem identificationexplore solutionsdecisionscapitalistic drivenknowledgeincidental learningretirementsuccessfully
Self-actualization Self-actualization [Self-actualization Triad]Self-actualization is a term that describe or indicate an individual's optimal self-development and growth, which represent an efficient and a productive self-creation, establishing and sustaining of a personal umwelt, which is sourcing from his/her and driven or directed by an individual's meaningevery individualeducators and trainersmodern day self-actualizationdefaultdefault containerSelf-expressionbamboozleGPSHelperEnterprisingCreativeInvestigat…
Self-Determination Self-Determination ---------- A healthy SELF-DETERMINATION provide us with a BIG HEART to live a self-reliant and fulfilling life to the fullest! (i.e. to productively deal with life's many adversities and bountiful challenges courageously!). Because we have the sureness that our can or cannotrobustown resourcespast experiencesaccountabilitydelicate balance<a name="past"></a><a name="present"></a><a name="future"></a>robustrobusthappinessaccountabilitydoing the right thingdoing things right
Self-empowerment Self-empowerment Foundation for and key to Professional Self-actualization and Self-determination Personal development is your springboard to personal excellence. Ongoing, continuous, non-stop personal development assures you that there is no limit to what you can accomplish. ~ Brian TracyImageexperiencesroleassessment resultsendfalse negatives & positivesknow it today
Self-organizing Networks Self-organizing Networks Future Shock...Ain't prevention much better than cure? A Self-Organizing network, is a network where some form of synchronized, coordinated, cooperative and co-creative structures spontaneously arise out of the many interactions between different, but related, components of a seemingly disorganized or chaotic series of events, situations or circumstances.leadersunwisegreater purposecompany’s goals
Success is scarier than failure Success is scarier than failure We've been taught to fear failure, but - as a matter of fact - we're more afraid of success. Jemele Hill explain how we can learn to adapt a success-friendly mentality. success
Success, failure and the drive to keep creating Success, failure and the drive to keep creating Elizabeth Gilbert was once an “unpublished diner waitress,” devastated by rejection letters. And yet, in the wake of the success of 'Eat, Pray, Love,' she found herself identifying strongly with her former self. With beautiful insight, Gilbert reflects on why success can be as disorienting as failure and offers a simple -
The difference between winning and succeeding The difference between winning and succeeding With profound simplicity, Coach John Wooden redefines success and urges us all to pursue the best in ourselves. In this inspiring talk he shares the advice he gave his players at UCLA, quotes poetry and remembers his father's wisdom.
Why winning doesn't always equal success Why winning doesn't always equal success Valorie Kondos Field knows a lot about winning. As the longtime coach of the UCLA women's gymnastics team, she won championship after championship and has been widely acclaimed for her leadership. In this inspiring, brutally honest and, at times, gut-wrenching talk, she shares the secret to her success. Hint: it has nothing to do with