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The only real disability in life is a bad attitude. ~ Scott Hamilton ~

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Our Belief System

Our personal beliefs are what we deem, regard, accept or “see” as the ultimate truth in life.

Just as a compass provide us with direction on land & sea, so does our beliefs provide us with directions for everyday living

Our personal belief system shapeplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigSome ways in which beliefs shape our Umwelt:

Influence our perceptions; Define for us what is good, bad, true, real and possible/impossible; Skew our perspective in positive or negative ways; Direct or limit the actions we take, or both; Shape our character; Affect our relationships; Establish a specific course we will follow; Determine our health and welbeing; Harness or hijack our passions; Raise or lower our level of happiness; ...etc.
our perceptions, attitudes, views and interpretations of life - in general - and how we approach or deal with challenges that confront us each and every day. Our belief system serve as a directive compass to the manner in which we interact with our environment, determine our priorities (i.e. our values), our expectations, our hopes, our dreams and the choices that we make and the decision that we take.

The beliefs that we hold dear -which are strongly influenced by the organized religion that we were and/or are currently exposed to - is a culmination of the experiences and lessons learned throughout our lifetime. Our beliefs are what anchor us and give purpose to our life's. Anything that affects our beliefs ultimately will change what comes to us and manifest in our everyday lives.

Our personal beliefs are what give us both direction and meaning in life, which shape our attitudes and guide or direct our choices and subsequent actions or behaviours (i.e. our beliefs are our GPSplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigG • P • S

A much diluted and illustrative representation of the actual Human GPS System of Life.

In general terms the abbreviation GPS stands for the Global Positioning Satellite system that we use to “pin point” our geographical position on this planet of ours. However, melancholycountless forceshappinesshappiness
in life
). Our beliefs steer and navigate us throughout life and it's many up's and down's, just as the rudder of a ship steers it to maintain direction in both calm and stormy seas.

Our beliefs - the very foundation of our active belief system - is characterized by the following…

  • what we accept as true or that which is taken by us as to be true.
  • sustain things that we credit with veracity.
  • allow us to follow a credo, have faith in and be a believer in something.
  • establish parameters that allow us to evaluate, judge and determine what is important in life… for us!
  • be confident about something.

Our personal beliefs are fueled by an internal locus of control, driven by different ways of knowing, mainly controlled by our unconscious mind, “protected” by our coping mechanisms, directed by our environmental noise filter and steered by our higher self needs and expectations (i.e. our present levels of awareness and current consciousness).

Beliefs are all about sticking to our guns, walk our talk and persists.
Despite… possible oppositions, ridicule, hurdles placed on our way and obstacles or challenges that we encounter.

Therefore, ensure that what you actually believe, is well explored, thought through and verified. Because beliefs based on dogmas, normally result in a self-determination illusion and Wild Horse life path.

Warning... be aware of the DARK-side of Beliefs

When we fail to question and examine our own firmly held beliefs from time to time, especially in times of change, we run the real risk of degenerating into a believer that is no longer a seeker. Such a believer does not want to seek, that’s why s/he believes unconditionally. This kind of believer wants to avoid seeking, and that’s why s/he believes what s/he believes. These kinds of believers want to be delivered, saved, they need a saviour and always are searching for some kind of messiah… something or somebody who can eat, chew and digest for them. But - in the end - if somebody “eat” on your behalf, you will remain hungry, unfulfilled, lost, unsure and unsatisfied with your life and the way things are going. Nobody can save you from calamities, except for you yourself. These individuals are the mediocre people of the world, the best slaves and the least self-reliant, who normally evolve as a pre-programmed machine - a robot-like thing - that mainly react to outside stimuli, instructions and beliefs.

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