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Exercise extreme caution, because...

Dogma is an unquestioned belief.

Dogmas are regarded as the ultimate and final truth and should be accepted unconditionally - even in the face of evidence and facts to the contrary - by people. A dogma is a fixed belief or set of beliefs that people are expected to submit to without any reservations, doubts or question.

The main focus of a dogma is to manipulate, exploit and control. When a conflict arise between a dogma and “the emerging facts of reality”, it is frequently dealt with by most people through accusations, judgments and attacking the “wrong or sinful”. Unfortunately, this level of reasoning gains little more than succeeding in firmly entrenching the African Grey Syndrome as supported by an active Blaming Game. Sadly though, we all “cling” to some kind of dogmatic belief pattern, whether it originate externally (i.e. society, culture, religion, …etc.) or internally (i.e. thoughts, perceptions, mindset, …etc.).

How do we determine whether we are the victims of a dogma? First of all, when we question - to a greater or lesser extend - any point of view, event, circumstances, incident or situation to personally reached a certain conclusion - which still maybe limiting or restrictive - a belief could no longer be regarded as an authentic dogma… a contaminated belief perhaps, but no longer a dogma. Secondly, a dogma is primarily fueled by our personal fears and level of ignorance (i.e. our stupidity). Thus, when we either experience or suspect the restrictive impact of a dogma (i.e. being a victim of circumstances and/or derailed), we should rather pay closer attention to our fears and possible ignorant thinking that still prevails and fuel/sustain our feelings of victimization… rather than the dogma itself.

For clarity purposes and greater understanding, the following illustration can provide some insight as how to effectively deal with being an unwilling victim of a dogma…

Years of educational indoctrination, categorized training and political or financial manipulations; taught us that both our JOB security and our worth lies in loyal, devoted studies, earning a qualification and then we can embark on a sure road to success by always doing what is expected and doing the best we can. Slowly climbing the ladder of promotion and reach our peak (accompanied by substantial rewards) just before our retirement.

We unconditionally accept this dogma and voluntary submit to it, without even questioning the actual validity of the dogma for modern times. After all, a lot of “well educated and clever” people - backed by a supporting choir of managers, parents, teachers, etc. - devised a system of noble intention… and all of them couldn't be wrong. It is a “proven fact” that more of the same is acceptable, correct, effective or more beneficial to society. The illusionary success of unconditional repetitive processes as evident from scientific/statistical “proof” and subtly suck individuality into the suffocating statistical normal distribution curve.

To our surprise, one fine morning we wake-up and realize that what we firmly believed in all these years, are no longer valid, as a result of all kinds of changes that were taking place. It is then when we enters into an acute phase of Future Shock. We discover that in the work that we do, we became redundant; mainly due to a gradual shift towards different competency requirements and we are not suitable for similar types of work either, because we are to well qualified, under qualified, to expensive, to old, a male/female, too experienced, too little experience, lack proper technological background, to pale for their liking, …etc. …etc. …etc.

Rid yourself from a dogmatic mind-prison!

In case of the above stuckness, we are all upset and blame circumstancesplugin-autotooltip__small plugin-autotooltip_bigThe government, educational structures, politics, other people, unemployment, bad luck, lack of opportunities, being unlucky ...etc. , but what we fail to - first - acknowledge and - secondly - to admit are… We have stop being honest to and thinking for ourselves a long, long time ago, and gradually settled into a comfortable routine and dogmatic groove. Willingly serving the needs of others as long as we are well compensated “slaves”. In the process we have lost all sight of the many changes which are taking place around us, each and every day. Therefore - it naturally follows - that we lose the battle of prosperity in favour of mere survival… not because of the changes taking place or other people not doing what they are suppose to do, BUT because we failed miserably to expand our present restrictive mindsets, beliefs and successfully curbed our level of awareness. The only sure thing about life is CHANGE, from a helpless baby to a functional and mature adult, summer is followed by autumn, that is in turn followed by winter, followed by spring, …etc. Life is an ever changing cycle of new beginnings.

What the modern workplace demands, do not always require new competencies (i.e. skills, abilities and experience). Nor does it demands a different WHAT. The modern place of work demands a different HOW, an innovative creative and holistic way of thinking   and a mindset that is flexible enough to accommodate constant change and identify windows of opportunity in a world that has “gone slightly mad”. Therefore, don't be too quick to judge and blame circumstances! Rather do some serious soul searching first! Maybe it is you that spiritually stagnate… and not the fact that events, circumstances and situations do change.

Accept the challenges of life and prepare yourself for change - plenty of it - and DO NOT hide your responsibilities of contributing to society behind a safe, comfortable and a risk-free dogma. Unlock your potential and free your mind.

We are not always aware of the real dangers that are camouflaged within unquestioned dogmas. Collective unquestioned and widely accepted dogmas have a real sneaky way to subtly infiltrate our current believe system and - like a malicious virus - systematically start to undermine our personal core believes and values till it eventually dominates the way in which we perceive, approach and act in life based on a principle or set of principles laid down by an authority as incontrovertibly true and not to be disputed under any circumstances. When this occur, our personal vision and mission in life are bullied to the back-burner, where it continue to exist as a vague unfulfilled dream of… maybe, perhaps one day in the future.