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Minimum Standards

In any event, situation, relationship or interaction there are minimum requirements or standards (i.e. principles) that we consider necessary for it - any relationship, situation or interaction - to be acceptable and productive. Minimum standards are different from our expected ideal or perfect circumstances, but at least they provide a sound foundation that can be applied as stabilizing parameters (i.e. good enough) to initiate, develop and sustain productive interactions and/or relationships.

Minimum standards - steering, directing and controlling our interactions - are formulated (compiled), established and maintained as a means to an end and not as an end (or goal) in itself. All the while that we constantly strive to obtain the ideal relation, interaction or circumstances; we define our minimum standards to establish a yardstick (some kind of a norm, or benchmark if you will) to measure the quality or performance (i.e. efficiency or successes achieved) as being either above or below our minimum acceptable standards.

Minimum standards ain't something that were “discovered” recently, nor is it something new. Minimum standards is part and parcel of human existence for eons of years and continuously direct our priorities, choices, decisions and actions. Naturally we all formulate minimum standards for all situations, circumstances and relationships throughout our life. Such minimum standards - which is part and parcel of our personal philosophy of life - are formulated and dealt with consciously, subconsciously and unconsciously. Our minimum standards is detrimental to either establish, develop and sustain compassionate and harmonious interactions (nourishing) or interactions characterized by arrogance, selfishness, assumptions, misunderstandings and conflict (toxic).

Minimum standards aren't static and are continually, dynamically adjusted or adapted to reflect the natural process of life and to accommodate our constantly changing circumstances, which also serves as a valid negotiation platform to formulate, establish and sustain a suitable legacy statement. Minimum standards develops and grow as we evolve   in life and gain more and more experiences and insight (i.e. as we mature and become wiser).

The basic foundation of minimum standards usually focus and reflect on the following psyche “components” and corresponding value and believe system reference hierarchy…

  • LOWER SELF (Physical-Materialistic Realm - also known as the id and child)
    • Survival and Psycho-Spiritual: SELF AWARENESS.
    • Feeling Secure & Safe and Psycho-Spiritual: SELF RESPECT.
    • Personal Power and Psycho-Spiritual: SELF-WORTH
  • SYMBIOSIS BETWEEN the Lower and Higher Self (i.e. Physical and Spiritual Realms - also known as the ego and adult)
    • Give & Receive Love and Psycho-Spiritual: LOVE/SELF LOVE/OTHERS
  • HIGHER SELF (Spiritual-Transcendental Realm - also known as the super-ego and parent)
    • Communication and Psycho-Spiritual: SELF EXPRESSION
    • Insight & Understanding and Psycho-spiritual: SELF RESPONSIBILITY
    • Transcendence & Service to Fellow man and Psycho-Spiritual: SELF KNOWLEDGE/SPIRITUAL AWARENESS

As already indicated… minimum standards can either be nourishing (allowing for development, growth and prosperity) or toxic (resulting in blockages, derailments, stuckness and poverty) based on the following…

  1. Unconscious minimum standards - no choice - automated life scripts that can easily reset as sabotage programs when events/circumstances change.
  2. Subconscious minimum standards - limited choice - semi-automated life scripts that can be dealt with through reflection and meditation.
  3. Conscious minimum standards - freedom of choice - ideal circumstances allowing us to deal with life in a balanced and effective manner.

When watching the following TED-talk, please keep in mind that the main purpose of the talk isn't to explain nor to provide answers with regards to minimum standards. The main purpose and reason for the talk are to provide an extended perspective and understanding with regards to the significance, purpose and value that minimum standards have for our every day lives… in both a personal, professional and communal capacity. Something which often is the little jackals responsible for establishing numerous psyche wounds as a result of the prevailing and collective capitalistic-consumerism philosophy that impacts negatively on our future aspirations.

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