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Approved 27 June, 2021 @ 3:18pm by Jan Viljoen (version: 6)

Support Networks

The human race is herd or social animals and needs the support of one another to survive and prosper in life. According to Aristotle, human beings are “social animals and therefore naturally seek the companionship of others as part of their well being. Humans do derive from social life much more convenience than injury, therefore, is vital for each and every one to build support networks from which s/he can draw strength.

There are three important aspects that we should consider when building our support network in modern times…

  1. Personal Network: normally parents, siblings, family and friends.
  2. Professional Network: normally colleagues, experts, managers, businessmen, entrepreneurs.
  3. Troubleshoot & Problem Solving Network: experts and specialist such as psychologists, coaches, teachers.

Both the personal and professional networks are essential to survive and prosper in modern times, the third option - troubleshooting & problem solving network - is only used when needed and to address derailing's, stagnation's and if difficulty with self-actualization is experienced.

Because it can be quite challenging for individuals to start, establish and maintain a support network, it has been decided to make use of the technology to establish certain online networking platforms within the AltanaESP Network of Services. The AltanaESP managed platforms, should not be confused with the current widely known social media options. The AltanaESP forums are continuously monitored and strictly managed to specifically serve as online support networks for ALL forum participants. Use of these platforms is subjected to tenacious rules and regulations, and when violated, the offender will first be warned and when persistent, will be promptly removed. Available AltanaESP online networking platforms are…

  1. IdeaReef for personal support networking.
  2. Professional Networking Job Board for professional support networking.

Technology has made it much easier to CONNECT with others, but hasn't made it easier to build CONNECTIONS!