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Approved 11 October, 2021 @ 11:25am by Jan Viljoen (version: 4)

Incident-Isolation Trap

The result of an acute blind pot is that we unwittingly step into some form of inhibitory trap in life.The incident-isolation trap is the direct opposite of a holistic mindset, strongly influenced by the dissected frog trap and acutely driven by our stupidity. The incident-isolation trap, may - at first - seem pretty confusing but - as with most things in life - it is actually quite simple.

In essence, the incident-isolation trap comes into effect when we isolate an incident (i.e. situation, event or occurrence) from the rest of our circumstances. In doing so we identify the “culprit”, focus on it and try to eliminate or surgically remove the incident from our lives, to restore harmony in our environment once again. In doing so we lose sight of the totality, context and dynamics in which the particular incident occurs and this approach often result in either using the power of brutality and/or following of a quick, easy and instant “proven” recipe to “solve the problem”. Unfortunately, the root causes of the incident (when dealt with in isolation) aren't confronted, addressed and dealt with, there is merely a temporary relief of some of the acute “problem” symptoms.

The underlying source or root cause of the incident remains safely intact (with only some of the symptoms alleviated) just to surface again …later… under different circumstances, with “new” symptoms appearing and which frequently results in destructive recurring patterns. To prevent this unwise dealing or coping with incidents (both the positive/pleasure and the negative/pain), we have to enhance and “improve” our holistic mindset and lessen the impact of the dissected frog trap on our thoughts, in our reasoning, views, our choices and actions. In other words… we have to conquer our fears, overcome our ignorance and restore our whole brain decision-making processes.

For example…

A 17-year-old drug addict from a broken home, has destructive interactions with the rest of the family and his relationships are characterized by physical and/or verbal aggression's, tantrums, threats of suicide and manipulations. His father (remarried), refuse bluntly to deal with him any longer, because of the turmoil that he consistently causes with his new family. His mother is in a constant state of panic, depressed and stressed out; always anxiously awaiting the worst. His brother (19) left home, because he cannot stand the situation any longer and his sister (16) - still at home - is in a frequent battle with him and her overprotective and “blind” mother. To make things just a bit more complicated, the older brother is in the clutches of a gang and the sister is pregnant with the child of a 40-year-old married man.

Now… for the incident-isolation trap: All “evidence” points towards the 17-year-old drug addict who can be regarded as the root cause for all the family's turmoil and problems. Thus, when he is rehabilitated, family harmony could be restored and then they could start with the long and uphill task to deal with the residue of the incident.

However, this is merely the easy way out, a short term relief and an illusion that things can be somehow restored. Because, the divorce, drug addiction, gang affiliation and unwanted pregnancy are merely symptoms of the TRUE root cause… outdated and inappropriate believe systems and dogmatic thought patterns accompanied by guilt trips. By “ignoring” and a “fear” to deal with the true root causes all these years; pressures steadily mount in the psyche of all those involved and establish psyche wounds, which gradually and ultimately escalated into the insurmountable problems and crises that the family are currently confronted with and the many wicked challenges that the family is presently experiencing.

The incident-isolation trap subtly “force” us to see and deal with incidents out of context, removed us from the situation's dynamics and result in a misinterpretation of the holistic dynamic structure of the crisis circumstances.

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