A Self-Organizing network, is a network where some form of synchronized, coordinated, cooperative and co-creative structures spontaneously arise out of the many interactions between different, but related, components of a seemingly disorganized or chaotic series of events, situations or circumstances.

A self-organizing network initiates, develops and effectively manifest as a result of seemingly "random" fluctuating and adaptable interactions taking place and sourcing from a continuous, honest and open feedback (i.e. transparency, so to speak) for its eventual successful manifestation, establishment and maintenance (also see PlacingTheStones Principle) .

As a rule there are plenty of examples of abundant highly successful manifested self-organizing networks and systems in all of creation (i.e. nature), with a few exceptions here and there. However, generally speaking, in case of the "egocentric-driven" human species, the rule being 'everyone for himself & the devil for the rest' focus, with a few struggling and suffocating spontaneous self-organizing networks which are mainly concentrated around chaos, catastrophes, calamities, adversities and disasters. An extremely saddening state of affairs, but ...unfortunately... an undeniable reality.

The Third Wave, Future Shock... waves of change? Isn't it high time for the human species to Self-Organize for the greater good of all mankind?
Just a far fetched idea... Ain't prevention better than cure?

Table of Contents:
  1. Characteristic of Self-Organising Networks
  2. The Nature of Self-Organizing Networks
  3. Attributes of Self-Organising Networks

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